Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Conventions of Courtesy

My last blog entry broke one of those rules. You shouldn't mention something to folks where if they agree with you it's insulting.

My boss just mentioned the recent glut of articles relating lack of sleep to being overweight. Since she sleeps very little, she said, "at least now I know why I'm fat."

How does one reply to that?

While she is very attractive, and dresses well and carries herself very well, she is, in fact, overweight.

Realizing that there was no polite response to her mentioning this, made me realize I was either fishing for compliments with the comments about my weight, or putting folks who agreed in a difficult situation.

My comments were basically trying to have other folks relate to seeing themselves in a picture and having it be a wakeup call. That's what it was for me.

Lisa asks which ball gown I will wear the evening wrap I'm knitting with the laceweight merino I got at Morehouse Merino. I'm thinking it would go with any of my non-sequined gowns (including the two black ones, and the royal blue one). It also wouldn't go very well with the slutty, red one.

It's coming out very nicely, and I think this will be a gift for either of my two sisters, or Thaddeus' sister. I'll try to figure out who would like it and use it more.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Carol S. asks how she would know if she was in the dweeb-authors group, or the cool-authors group.

For readers that don't know, Carol is funny, sharp and witty and would definitely be in the cool-authors group. However her comment was either:

1. A fishing expedition for compliments
2. A pathetic demonstration of extremely low self esteem
3. A clever and generous example of how funny she can be in a self-deprecating way.

I'll elect to believe it's number 3.

Finally, as I started to read the admonitions of a reader with personal experience in group writing, I should have realized immediately that it was Kim who was writing this.

I think I will take her sage advice and realize that this group writing thing has been done already and stick to selfishly publishing my personal opinions in blog format. Pass the cookies, please, indeed.