Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Shopping - Done!

With only one minor "grinch-like" event during our holiday shopping, Thaddeus and I finished our gift buying this morning.

Good Gifts
We had a list of items we wanted to buy, but we weren't sure if some were available as we headed out the door this morning.

Fortunately, not only were all of the gifts available and at excellent prices, but I also thought of a perfect gift for our friend Nora that was in one of the stores right next to where we were shopping for other family/friends. It turned out perfectly.

All sales people were extremely nice to us. The only incident which had tempers flaring was when a guy pulled into a parking spot that Thaddeus had been patiently waiting for. All it took was a few horn beeps and a slightly confrontational yelling through car door windows, and he realized the error of his ways and backed out of our spot...yay!...we didn't even have to threaten him with a broken windshield.

Other Movies
I forgot to mention a couple of other movies in my list of all time favorites:

Donny Darko - Amazing piece of work with a very unusual storyline
Something About My Mother - My favorite Almodovar movie

Also on the "recently seen list:
Closer - Yes, I saw this and enjoyed it, but I've always like Julia.

Lisa's comment about a family night showing Happiness had me howling with laughter. That would have to come with sedative-filled snacks for the family.

Side Business
Regular readers know that I run a small (VERY small) side business of selling Surina wood sock knitting needles on the web.

I just got in another order of some of the more popular 5 and 7 inch doublepointed needles and some padded cloth cases for holding the full set of nine needles.

I just did some quick accounting, and after all my expenses were tallied, and excluding the value of inventory, I've had a net lost of $132 on this venture so

I figure that's a small price to pay for so many needles and cases, even if I never get another order.

Crochet Jacket
I just finished some quick calculations on my current project as well, and I need to do 20 more rows of crochet on the Noro Ganpi jacket before I can start shaping for the arm holes.

The combination of crochet and this yarn makes my wrist hurt, so I've been taking many breaks. Here's a closeup of the work so you can see all the individual colors. Who would have ever thought that this combination of colors would work?

I also did some additional work on the green merino top.

When I finish with this color, I'll start winding the singles onto toilet paper rolls (I've been collecting them for a little while now and have about a dozen).

Readers' Comments/Questions
Peter asks WAY too technical questions of a movie like Anacondas.

You and Thaddeus would enjoy chatting about movies together. As the boat roared over the waterfall, his comment was, "I thought they were headed upstream?". That to me is just an indication of how not wrapped up in the movie Peter and Thaddeus were. Quel surprise.

Carol S. mentioned some enjoyable movies, but movies that would never make my all time faves. I did love Mean was so "fetch".

RJ and James also mentioned some excellent movies. Triplets of Belleville was magnificent, as was Whale Rider