Friday, December 24, 2004

Blog Guards

I have to admit, I love that some of my friends and faithful blog readers defend me when they think it's necessary.

Good Friends
Many of you know that I was a complete geek all through grade school and high school and college...hell, I still am.

One of my biggest defenders all through school was my younger sister, Kathy (not to be confused with knit-friend, Kathy).

My sister was always cool, and hot and big-chested and the guys would do anything for her. Even if that meant not picking on me. All it took was one bitchy little word from my sister, and the cool guys would see me as an ally, rather than a repulsive nerd.

Now that I play in the blog world, I really don't need defending. As Crystal points out, I desire strongly stated opinions in my Newcomer Rules.

However, I LOVE the fact that faithful friends like Kathy, and Marilyn and Lisa and Carol S. will all come valiantly to my rescue and fiercely defend me when they think someone is attacking me.

And they are awesome at it. Listen to Lisa when she says don't rag on Kathy in this queer-boy's world.

Thank you.

Back to Knitting
Carol S. put it best when she said she'll wait to see the Noro Ganpi yarn in person before she weighs in on it. The monitor pictures are pretty accurate, but until I see a garment on the intended wearer, I can't always be sure the color and the style will work.

I finally made it up to the sleeve holes and I'm working just the back.

I'm thinking that I'll just keep working each side of the front (when I get to the neck opening) and keep crocheting right over the shoulders. I don't think it will be noticeable when I crochet the front top to the front bottom?

Is there a crochet equivalent to the Kitchener stitch? Or do you just single crochet the to pieces together? I'm having trouble picturing it, but I'm sure it will work out fine.

I really went to town on the green merino. I shouldn't send customers to this company, because they're competitors in the Surina needle business, but I will anyway because their prepared fibers are so nice (and besides, you folks have given me a ton of orders since my last post...thank you all). Check out Paradise fibers, especially if you're a new spinner. Kate, the owner, I think, is extremely helpful and patient with morons like me and she'll help make sure you get what you need (thanks to Carol S. for that recommendation).

This green is an even nicer color spun up...deeper, a little more blue...I may even need to get a couple more pounds of this after I'm done with all the sock yarn to make a full sweater's worth of yarn.

Webs Sale
I used to ignore the comments on the various list about the Webs after-Christmas sale, because I never planned on going. But now, since I'll be right up in the neighborhood, my sister-out-of-law has said that as my Christmas present, we're going to the sale at Webs.

As stupid as it sounds, I'm VERY excited at the thought of it.

Anyone else going to be there?