Saturday, December 18, 2004

Back With Old Friends

Whether it's picking up an old forgotten WIP, or getting together with friends, the Holidays are always a time for reuniting.

Holiday Parties
Despite all the stress of trying to guess who will buy me a gift and who will send me a card and if/how I will respond in kind, I always find the holidays enjoyable time to spend with friends and family.

Tonight, I am scheduled to take my mom and her husband out to dinner for a belated birthday, which meant I wasn't going to get to go to my friend Kathy's annual holiday party (in addition to the most amazing sweets, her party is chock-a-block full of fun and interesting people, including her two children, believe it or not).

When I realized that my mother and her husband love early dinners and that I would be able to do both, I was very glad indeed.

Family and friends in one night...ideal.

Despite concerns expressed by Allyson, I was able to successfully wash and block the Morehouse Merino Evening Wrap...

The picture is lighter, and not as good at showing shaping and lace pattern, but it finally shows the colors a little better than generic "dark".

My biggest hope is that this garment gets used a lot by my sister. If she wears it a lot, it will mean both that she likes it and that she's got a lot of opportunity to wear something so fine.

Knext Knitting
I picked up the crochet jacket project again and started working diligently on it (despite the fact that it looks VERY similar to how it looked when you last saw it in October.

I've completed about 12 inches so far, and I want to get up to 15 before I start shaping for the armholes. I'm trying unsuccessfully to delude myself into thinking I can finish it this week and give it as a gift for Christmas (in addition to starting and finishing a pair of felted clog slippers).

Try not to depress me with realistic comments about what can and can't be done in a week.

Readers' Comments/Questions
As for wrapping presents, I enjoy it and I spend a lot of time making them look special.

I think there's something about it on my 100 Things About Me list, but I'm too lazy to look.