Saturday, November 20, 2004

Knitters Sucks

Blog friend, Selma, mentioned I should check out something on the Knitters' web site. Do they PURPOSEFULLY make that site hard to navigate?

What Do They Do Well?
I am so over the Knitters organization (or lack thereof).

There magazine has sucked for years now. The style of the garments has constantly pandered to the lowest form of knitter and/or the yarn manufacturers.

I wouldn't blame them if they pandered mostly to the advertisers, but for god's sake, at least have designers that can make their yarns look good. How about just a little bit of style? How about just a speck of sophistication? How about just a whisper of creativity?

For an organization that claims to represent the world of knitters, they do a lousy job.

If you can find the preview of the upcoming issue, you MUST check out the Sock Scarf. It's a tube with a toe at each end and heels inserted intermittently along the way. WTF?

Surina Wood Needles
It still amazes me how many knitters are out there looking for fine quality products. I figured after the first round of orders, that there wouldn't be a lot of folks ordering the double pointed needles.

I was mistaken. I've place almost as many orders this round as I did last time. I can't tell you how gratifying it is to fill a need in the knitting community. I certainly don't make a boatload of money selling these things, but it is far more satisfying than my career in consulting.

Thank you to all of the folks that bought needles. One reader e-mailed me directly saying that he didn't realize I was working on socks at the moment. I've stopped including status on socks unless I have absolutely nothing else to write about, but here is my current sock project.

I've made some good progress on the wool and hemp sweater. You can't really see the patterning, as it's very subtle and virtually impossible to photograph unless it's the perfect lighting.

The yarn is a little hard on my hands...somewhat like knitting with cotton, but a little better than that.

Knitted Bargains
Some of the readers' suggestions that I felt the $2 Fair Isle sweater were something I thought of as well, but I honestly think this sweater is nice enough to wear.

I just finished washing and blocking it, and it looks as if it will be a very nice sweater.

Perhaps after I've gotten some use out of it, it can make a nice pair of felted mittens or perhaps some other felted object.