Monday, November 08, 2004

Insult Immunity

A lot of readers (probably former readers) have sent insults my way. I just deal with them different than someone like Wendy.

Truth or Insanity
You know that I like strongly opinionated people. It's why I adore Marilyn and Kathy and Carol and Lisa and Selma and Janis and many other talented knitters.

So, whenever someone hurls an intended insult my way, I evaluate it.

Is there any truth to what the writer is saying? If so, I acknowledge it, thank them for pointing out something I did or didn't already know and move on. No big deal. No reason to get defensive.

Is the person clearly insane (e.g. Beth)? If so, I treat them like a crazy homeless person on the streets of New York City. I steer clear. Why should I give credence to a whacko?

That's why I think I get very few insults. It doesn't get a lot of desired reaction from me.

John Edwards - Closet Case?
Lisa, are you sure you're not really a gay man?

For the breeders in my reader population, gay men are incessantly assigning gay qualities to any good looking man in the public eye. Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Joe Namath, Liberace, etc., regardless of any evidence as to whether the person actually is gay. It's wishful thinking in most cases.

John Edwards has some of the symptoms. He's either madly in love with his frumpy wife and sees her very differently than the rest of the planet, or she's his clever cover for slipping out and getting danked up the butt every once in a while.

Interweave Knit
I was finally able to find this magazine in one of the two local grocery stores (I got the last one). The cover sweater is great...excellent use of color. Overall, for about $7 U.S., I would say the magazine was worth the price. I would also agree with Selma that it's the only magazine that has shown much hope lately.

There are 23 designs. Beth Brown-Reinsel has two wonderful designs and a third that's good, but it wouldn't have elicited a comment from me under normal circumstances. Norah Gaughan has a simple and elegant jacket, and Veronik Avery has a lovely jacket as well. Veronik's jacket has a skirt with it that doesn't look bad, but hard to tell, and how practical is a handknit skirt?

There is a hideous sheep-inspired vest by Leslie Scanlon. And unfortunately, they haven't banned Mari Lynn Patrick from knitting magazines yet. If you have/get the new IK, you need to check out her Sideways Pullover. Dreadful color and design and even the finishing which is bad. There's a section of the side seam which is visibly bad.

Interesting article on short-rows which includes some of the same tips from my blog entry on the subject, but has other techniques as well.

Current Knitting
I'm on the last pattern repeat of the baby blanket, and then all I have to do is crochet a border on it, and weave in my securely knotted ends (most of them will be secured under the crocheted border).

I'm debating on mailing it without washing it or waiting till I get home to wash it and then mail it.

Knitting Quandry
Thanks for your ideas on what to knit for my friend out of the wool and hemp. I like both the vest idea and "man purse". Now I wish I had kept one of the scarf attempts to wash it and see if it got soft enough for a scarf.