Sunday, November 28, 2004

God Bless America

Are "Support Our Troops" magnetic ribbons for cars multipying?

I first started seeing the yellow ribbon (shaped like the red AIDS ribbon, by the way) up where I'm working in the Albany area. Then it spread and I see them everywhere. For those of you not in this country, they look like this.

It seems to be an easy way for Americans to demonstrate their patriotism without doing much of anything. Very reminiscent of all the flag waving that occurred directly after 9/11. Some places are selling them and donating the proceeds to some patriotic causes.

The height of hypocrisy was a red, white and blue ribbon I saw on a car in front of Thaddeus and I that said "Proud To Be An American". Thaddeus pointed out to me that it was stuck to the back of a Toyota.

One last thing before I finish this rant. The expression "God Bless America" on some of these car decorations is one of the most anti-spiritual sentiment I could imagine. How about "God Bless Everyone"?

My knitting has been a very nice respite from the hectic times of the holiday here in the states and my current workload. I've finished the back of the body and now I'm working on finishing the front. Then just sleeves to go.

I have also been doing a lot with my spinning and I am loving it more and more each time I sit down at my spinning wheel.

I plied both bobbins of singles from the Jacob select wool which ended up making over 600 yards of yarn (that's the two larger hanks in the picture). Then I finished spinning the remainder of the fiber which resulted in 142 more yards. Add that to the 800 yards I had spun up previously, I've got a sufficient amount of wonderfully soft yarn to make myself a nice warm sweater.

How cool is that?

Movie Weekend
I got a chance to see two wonderful movies in the theaters this weekend.

First we went to see "Kinsey". Wonderful performance by Liam Neeson. I also loved the performances of Laura Linney, Chris O'Donnell, and Peter Sarsgaard. A very well done movie that was worth paying for.

Then I went to see "Finding Neverland" last night and was even more impressed. Johnny Depp was the best I've ever seen him. Kate Winslet was incredible. But the young actor that played Peter, Freddie Highmore, stole the show. The movie purposefully tugs on heartstrings, but they do it extremely well.

I did end up buying Knitters at my local yarn store, and I'll provide a critique later this week. There were some awful things in there, but there were also some excellent items.

More to come in the next installment.