Thursday, November 11, 2004

Comment Crazed

You folks are funny as hell. Work has been hell, but not in the funny way, so your comments have helped ease the stress. Thank you.

KnitDweeb Dilemna
No one takes more of their self identity from knitting as I do, but I will never understand how knitters would allow themselves to be insulted by an advertisement.

Now here's the dilemma. The advertisement was for a lesser-known chain of Italian restaurants. The restaurant's claim to fame is that they serve enormous portions of pathetically mediocre Italian food (and their meatballs really are about the size of those yarn balls).

So what's a KnitDweeb to do? Protest an inexpensive, huge portions restaurant that they've raved about for years, or maybe consider taking themselves a little less seriously.

Heterosexist Behaviors
One comment had me do some self examination. Before I discuss my thoughts, I thought for the sake of full disclosure, I should admit that I have an amazing capacity for denial and lying. That being said, I wanted to comment on Gary's comment.

Gary asks, "...isn't (the concept of) gay guys attributing gay-ness to the afore-mentioned cute guys any different than breeders stupidly assuming everyone in the world is straight?"

Perhaps in some way it is. It all boils down to labeling and pigeon-holing people.

However, it's also different in a big way. Breeders assuming all folks are straight is a matter of ignorance. The same kind of ignorance that doesn't let them understand how going to a different country might expand their understanding of humanity. The same ignorance that compares different-ness to something fearful.

Whereas gay men (and I include Lisa in this category) that assign gay-ness to others, are doing it for a very different reason. It's not out of ignorance. Is it that attributing gayness makes "our people" better because someone famous is? Is it irritation at the closeted person's hypocrisy? Is it fantasy-based lust that allows them to think perhaps they might be able to somehow have sex with them (even if only in their own mind)? Or maybe just simply trying to have some piece of a famous person they can share in.

I'm not really sure, but it smacks very much like the KnitDweebs that search for every famous person that Knits because they don't feel comfortable with their own desire. It sounds an awful lot like some Canadians I work with who are constantly mentioning that a particular star is Canadian because it somehow justifies that Canadians have important people too.

Current Knitting
I finished all of the knitting on the baby blanket and I'll start on the crochet edge tonight.

I'm not sure what edging I'll do, but it will be very simple. It also needs a good washing and blocking and then will be mailed out this weekend.

Readers' Comments/Questions
As I mentioned, I loved all your comments. Kim Salazar's description of the "sideways travesty" in IK had me laughing out loud for real.

Chandira takes offense to being called a breeder since she isn't a fan of children, and I assume she's straight (but not narrow).

Breeder is like "cracker". If someone you like calls you that, it's a term of affection. If they don't you probably really are a cracker.