Saturday, November 06, 2004

Blog World Goes Crazy

If you're into noticing trends, has it surprised you how strange some of the knit blog readers are lately?

Knit Blog Readers Go Wild
Actually, I only have two examples.

First of all, there's the Dishcloth Queen making nasty comments about Wendy's cat. One of the things I love about Wendy, is that she doesn't take any shit. It looks like she's taken the gloves off. Go Wendy.

Then, there's Beth who was giving Marilyn shit about critiquing sweaters at Stitches. One of the things I love about Marilyn, is that she doesn't take any shit, and neither do her faithful readers.

Now, if I could only get some obnoxious asshole to start giving me shit, then my readers could be entertained endlessly with very little effort on my part.

Current Knitting
A quick update on the baby blanket.

As hoped, I'm making excellent progress on the blanket. I don't know that I'll make my self-imposed deadline of sending it off on Monday, but I'm glad for the progess I'm making.

Knitting Quandary
Remember when I bought the big cone of wool and hemp in the off-white color? I was with a friend (Stephen) when I bought it, who expressed that he'd love something made with it.

I've started five times to make a scarf, and I hate the fabric that I'm getting, and I think it would be too scratchy anyway.

Any ideas on what I could use this stuff for to make for a good friend? It seems to be perfect for a sweater, but that seems excessive. Especially on US4 or US5 needles.

Readers' Comments Questions
May mentioned that I absolutely shouldn't miss an opportunity to get spinning instruction from Nelda Davis.

I've heard this from a few folks (including friend Janis, who I forgot to mention I ran into at Morehouse Merino when I was up in NY for Rhinebeck). One even suggested bringing some of my spinning with me to have her critique it. While that makes me a little nervous (both to ask her to do something outside the workshop, but also because she might trash it), I think I'll do it anyway.

I also wanted to mention that I love Meem's comment. Thanks for the high praise.