Friday, October 01, 2004

Timing Is Everything

For months, I've had grave worries that Kerry would peak too early and like the clearly more speedy hare, be beaten by the slow and moronic tortoise.

Video Rental Insider Information
For those of you who don't know, my partner Thaddeus works in a video rental place. It's not one of the chains, but a "mom and pop" place with a much broader selection of videos than you'd ever find at Blockbuster.

For years, we rented videos at this place before Thaddeus took his "semi-retirement" job there. Now that he works there, obviously, we rent our videos/DVD's for free.

One thing he told me absolutely floored me.

Do you know where they make their most money?

Is it on children's videos that get rented over and over and over by the same family because of the insistent child?

Is it on consistently renting out the entire selection of the most recently released hits?

Is it on their extensive selection of pornographic movies?

Is it on the candy and snacks they sell at gouging prices to renters?

Not any of those...they make the lion's share of money on late fees.

I know, how boring, right. But that fact just amazed me. I think in all the years that we rented movies, we paid one late fee. So you can imagine my amazement when he tells me that folks regularly keep movies out for WEEKS after they're due. He often charges customers the full cost of the movie in late fees, AND they don't get to keep the movie.

I will never understand such an incredible waste of money. Money that could easily be spent on fiber addictions.

I think, like a good practitioner of the sexual arts, Mr. Kerry is timing his "peak" like a consummate professional (I'm NOT calling him a hooker).

The debates last night left the Rebumblican incumbent looking incredibly stupid a number of times. He'd whine for Jim Lehrer to give him the 30 second rebuttal time, and then have very little to say. He repeated over and over what "hard work" it was telling families they had to send their brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, daughters and sons to war. He attacked with the newest rendition of the term "flip flop".

For the older readers on this list, I kept picturing the Shrub as Alfred E. Newman...all he needed was the gap between his teeth and a caption saying "What, me worry?"

Kerry did an excellent job. He told it like it is. He maintained the exact correct level of respect, and still made the president look like a moron. Whoever told him to speak directly to Jim Lehrer, and use his name should be given a medal. It was very effective. It gives me hope that John Kerry will be our next president, and it gives me even greater hope that the country isn't going down the toilet for another four years.

Sheesh...just the thought of having to pay off the debt caused by outsourcing the war to Haliburton is depressing enough without having to take out additional mortgages on our countries homeland.

Update tomorrow with pictures,