Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh So Freakin' Busy

Honestly, I have been working on fiber activity, but the time to blog about it has been extremely limited.

Blog Schedule
This past weekend was a weekend chock full of fiber stuff, despite the fact that I didn't go to Stitches East.

The activities break down into three categories:

1. New fiber-related venture
2. Spinning
3. Knitting

Today, I will only be discussing the new fiber-related venture, since it it really what has been taking up untold numbers of hours in my life.

I'm an Importer
A while back, I got an offer from an India-based firm to start importing wooden knitting needles. I wasn't sure how legitimate the company was, nor what the quality of the needles was, but since they were willing to send samples, I was willing to take a look at importing them.

Well, it turns out, the needles are of a very fine quality wood from areas around Southeast Asia, called Surina wood.

Surina has many of the same qualities of bamboo, in terms of the texture of the wood, but it's harder and more durable.

It has some of the fine qualities of birch and walnut as well, without the brittle, snapping qualities, even on US0 needles.

Suffice it to say, I was impressed enough with the needles to place an initial order of sock knitting needles, and begin selling them under the name of "DoublePointed" sock knitting needles.

Sock Needle Ordering
I was debating as to whether I should offer these through retail sales, or through wholesale marketing, and I've decided that I can do both.

Given my lousy technical skills in HTML programming, I've been able to put together a lame web site to market the needles. Right now, I only have the ability to accept PayPal payments (thus, the reason I have been looking carefully at their record of civil responsibility).

Check out the web site, and feel free to try out these needles, or if you'd be interested in placing a wholesale order, send me an e-mail for minimum purchase orders and pricing.

Rhinebeck Here I come
This coming Saturday, Thaddeus and I will be going up to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool to meet up with Marilyn, Kathy, Carol S, Selma, and Stephanie. We will also be taking a sidetrip to Morehouse Merino on Saturday evening, just in case we don't find enough fiber at the main event.

I'm very much looking forward to the day of Fiber-fun.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Thanks everyone for your feedback on the short-row instructions.

I was very glad to see Marcia's tip on reverse wrapping of to-be-purled stitches. I will have to try that, and see if I can do that more easily.

Next Blog Entry - Spinning Update