Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Needle Felting

Rhinebeck had a lot of vendors who were into needle felting this year. There were felted pumpkins and ghoblins for the season and various other felted items, including this useful election-season pen holder

(in case you didn't notice the "sarcasm font", this isn't really an example of needle felting, it was just my poorly disguised reason for putting this funny picture on the blog).

Sheep & Wool Festivals
By far, I had a much better time at Rhinebeck than I did at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

Rhinebeck seemed to have a lot more vendors and access to the Dutchess County site in New York was somewhat easier. With Morehouse Merino being in close proximity to Rhinebeck, that is definitely a point on the positive side. The food vendors in New York were also better.

However, I have to say that I thought MDS&W had better fiber vendors. The small vendors with handspun yarns and the amount of booths with fiber in all states of preparedness seemed more extensive at Maryland. If I was planning on buying another spinning wheel, I think Maryland had a lot more wheel vendors. There was also no charge for the MDS&W.

I asked Thaddeus his opinion, and he thought Maryland had better vendors overall as well, and the booths were easier to navigate than New York, although he had a better time in New York as well.

So, in my opinion, I think Maryland Sheep & Wool is a better festival than Rhinebeck, however, I still had a much better time in New York...and that was largely because of the fiber-friends I met up with there.

In conclusion, make sure whichever place you go, you surround yourself with excellent people, because either place will offer you ample opportunity to spend money on fiber, but spending time with fun friends definitely makes the time more enjoyable.

Thanks Diane for asking the question.

Vogue Knitting
I picked up a copy of Vogue Knitting last week in my local grocers. An absolute waste of money. I can't even recall what was in it, as there was nothing that even caught my interest in the smallest way. I think there were some bad things in there, but I couldn't even say.

Save your money unless you're one of those people that wants every issue.

Computer Woes
There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that my company gave me a new laptop this past Monday which is much nicer than my old one, and much faster.

The bad news is that I was able to much more quickly hose the entire Windows operating system by trying to add client software, which will require me to return it for a complete re-imaging. What's even worse is I have to work in Albany this weekend again, so the earliest I can bring my laptop in for repairs is next FRIDAY...ugh!

What this means for you?

Pictures will be MUCH more difficult to come by for the blog, since the software for downloading pictures from my cameras doesn't work at the moment.

I'll still be able to post blog entries, and I will attempt to load camera software onto my client PC to get some pictures of WIP's, but I can't promise anything.