Saturday, October 23, 2004


I swear, I was just standing there innocently...

Hemp/Wool Yarn
I was walking around lovely Saratoga Springs with a friend of mine, after a nice Sushi dinner.

He's a bit more Bohemian than I am, and wanted to go into this very granola clothes store, with a lot of hemp-based clothing. As bored as I was with his choice in stores, I browsed anyway.

Lo and behold, I saw two cones of what looked like yarn. In actuality, they were yarn, wool and hemp yarn, in a worsted weight.

Both cones were the same size, and very heavy. The first one had a price of $80 on it. I figured, there's no way I'm paying that much. But the second one had a price of $30. MUCH more reasonable, so I had to have it...right?

Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I figure since it was my friend's fault that this yarn happened to me, I should make him something with it.

Current Knitting
The surprise knitting project is moving a little less quickly than I'd hoped. I anticipate I'll finish it this coming week and send it off.

Hopefully by then I'll have my laptop back, and I'll have loaded my camera software.

PC Issues
Just as an update.

After recognizing that I couldn't reverse the damage I had done, I mailed my laptop to my home office tech guys to have them re-image it on Wednesday. The post office gave me a guaranteed delivery date of noon on Thursday.

Since I didn't know how much the laptop was worth, I insured it for $1,200.

By noon of Thursday, my laptop hadn't arrived. Tracking the package on the USPS web site only indicated that the package had been accepted at the receiving office, but had no other activity.

I started to sweat that night when there was still no sign of the laptop, and no updated.

By Friday morning, when no one could tell me where my package was, I thought it might be interesting to find out how much it was worth. Wouldn't you know, it's a $1,500 machine.

Finally, the package arrived in my home office at around 1:30 on Friday afternoon, much to my relief.

Our tech guys were able to fix the problem, and it's winging its way to me right now (via FedEx this time), and I should have it by Monday. Yay tech team.