Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Moral Judgments

Who the hell has the right to make moral judgments on behalf of others?

Self Righteousness
Most of you know that I'm one of the most judgmental pricks on the planet.

I have very strong opinions about style and intelligence and driving skills and any host of other topics, and I'm not at all timid about sharing them with the remainder of the world.

What I have no tolerance for is folks that feel that their concept of moral right and wrong should be held by everyone else, or it's some infringement on their world.

There has been a recent occurrence where PayPal has closed down the account of an author and publisher because of user-agreement violations. Stating that there was inappropriate (read "naughty") material on their web site. The publisher and author both say there was nothing more lewd on their site than dozens of similar PayPal enabled sites, and as such, PayPal is run by right-wing, self-righteous prudes who are homophobic.

If what the publisher and author claim is true, it makes me worry that the most popular internet banking company is attempting to dictate moral values.

While I have been unable to verify the claims of the publisher, that they didn't have x-rated materials on their site (which is a violation of PayPal policy), I am definitely going to be watching PayPal carefully for any indication of GLBT discrimination.

With one sleeve completed and another one having a strong start, I'm humming along on Thaddeus' red Morehouse merino pullover.

He tried it on for sleeve sizing this past weekend and it looked quite fetching on him, if I do say so myself.

While I love how this garment is looking, I hate the fact that it doesn't look like I've made any progress what-so-freakin'-ever, despite having added a couple of inches to the jacket.

I will be very happy once I get to the point where I'm only working on the back or the front. With over 250 stitches per row, these single crochets are going to kill me.

You'll also note, the toilet paper roll for exploding yarn balls is helping quite a bit.

New Project
I did end up swatching for the new, surprise project, and I'm liking the yarn quite a bit. This will be an enjoyable project, except in that I can't share it with y'all.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Marta from Germany asks a few questions:

1. Do we say "I am skeptic" in English?
A. Almost, we say "I am a skeptic", but we definitely understood your intent.

2. He's (Kerry) a veteran, isn't he?
A. Yes, an honorable and highly decorated veteran of the Viet Nam war.

3. He did not promise to take back the soldiers from Iraq, did he?
A. No, although he did say that if things work out as he hoped, he'd be looking to start sending some of the troops home as early as next year.

4. Do you think he can actually be a good president or will he be just the minor evil?
A. I do believe he'll be a good president. It's hard to tell until someone takes on such an office, but all indications are that he'll be a good president.