Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm Either PMS or Fed Up

You know those days when you just hate everyone, and you figure it's probably just your own stuff, but you still blame the rest of the world?

Yeah, I'm Having One of Those Days
When my sister calls me and seems to hate the whole world, I ask her if she's PMS. She almost always is. Today, I must be PMS.

Is Mercury in retrograde or something...jeez.

After finally hearing that our tech folks had received AND fixed my laptop, and I'm expecting it via FedEx today. And I got my refund of $45 postage from the U.S. Postal Service. All seemed to be coming back together.

Then, I come into work today to find that my network access at the client has expired. An hour on the phone with help desk gets me re-established.

Then I find out my client has blocked me from accessing any web-based e-mail through their network (even though I've had access to it up until Friday for months).

And the restriction is on all web-based e-mail, including my own company e-mail (which I need to be able to bill the client and update contracts, etc.).

The megalomaniac who refused my request for special access suggested that I forward all my e-mail accounts to my client e-mail account.

Yeah, oh so useful. While I can receive e-mails, any outgoing mail would have to be from my client e-mail address. I don't think so, moron.

Current Knitting
I've got about another hour or two of knitting to finish the suprise project. Sewing up and blocking and wrapping and sending may take another hour.

I'm liking how it's turned out.

Funny thing was that the colors I used, seem to match another project I finished a while ago.

Hopefully, the two will look good together and won't make the child or mother dizzy.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Kitty asks if I checked out either of the yarn stores when I was in Saratoga Springs.

I'm assuming she means:

Stitchin' Post at 17 Phila Street, and
Needle Arts at 494 Broadway

The answer is now. I didn't realize until Kitty's comment that there were yarn stores in that lovely town. Next time I'm up there, I'll check them both out.

As May says...not that I need any more yarn.


Knitter in Saratoga Springs said...

Joe, Take time to check them both out. Needle Arts is a modern store with piles and piles of interesting yarns and projects. The Stitching Post is an old-style yarn shop with skein after skein packed in like sardines.