Sunday, September 05, 2004

Labor Day Sales

I normally don't do a lot of marketing on this web log, but today looks like QueerJoe is turning into a capitalist pig.

eBay Yarn Sales
I finally bit the bullet and put up the remaining cones of yarn (well most of the remaining cones) on eBay.

Click here for a full listing of all my auctions.

This lot of yarns has a very varied collection, and many of them will probably go pretty cheaply, since I don't know the exact content of some of the yarns, and they are all very nice.

Local Estate Sale
For those of you who have read my web log for a while, you'll know that I like to collect local art for my home. Much of that was purchased from sales conducted by a local art patron herself. Now that person's estate is putting on a huge estate sale to liquidate all of her holdings.

The Estate Sale will be on Saturday and Sunday, September 18th and 19th in Lambertville, NJ. On sale will be:

- Books of all types (some very fine art books)
- Artwork in many mediums
- Royal Coppenhagen pieces
- Old Tools
- Jewelry
- Sterling Silver flatware
- Coin silver flatware
- Fine China
- Trunks
- Lots more

If you're local to the area, and would like to go to this sale, you can find out particulars by e-mailing me or calling 215-397-2213.

If you plan on going, I'd highly recommend going early. Most of the good things will be gone very quickly.

I'm progressing very well on the Morehouse red pullover for Thaddeus.

You can see that I've finished the back, and I've just started on the front.

I'm planning on knitting the sleeves circularly from the top, even though they're set-in sleeves. I was pretty certain I'd be able to figure out how to do this using short-rows, but I found a web site with instructions. Jamie Wang sent this to the KnitList in June of 2000.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for top, down, set-in sleeves, please feel free to pipe up.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Kim Salazar asks if I'd be willing to wear something like the Bowie skin-tight jump-suit I referred to on Justin's site the other day.

I'd have no problem wearing that given the appropriate circumstances. Costume party, gay pride parade, Mardi Gras, etc. I would probably do a bit of dieting before I'd squeeze my fat ass into the tights, but I'm not overly shy about wearing revealing outfits.

Thanks for the nice comments on my web log. The admiration is clearly mutual.

Sharon asks how I got my hands on the Interweave Crochet issue since it's not due to ship until this Tuesday.

I think it was Marilyn that mentioned the issue was out, and that Kathy had a design in the magazine. It was mentioned at least a week or so ago, somewhere. I found my copy at the Wegmans in Bridgewater, NJ. I checked a large grocery store in Albany, and they had Interweave Knits, but not Interweave Crochet.

From what I understand, the magazines often hit the newsstands long before they're shipped to regular subscribers. Seems ridiculous, but true.