Sunday, September 12, 2004

Gay Cards

Lisa asks why she shouldn't have her gay card revoked, and then describes a nightmare lesbian stereotype. I will repeat this only one more time. Lisa is a gay man, in a lesbian, female-liking body. She's who I would be if I were a lesbian. Now stop pretending you're a granola-chewing, tent-striking, womyn-folk-song-singing lesbian.

Keeping Busy
I've always liked keeping busy. In addition to my relationship, I knit, I crochet, I spin, I work, I used to fly planes, I sometimes exercise, and I have a lot of other things that I keep busy with.

Recently, adding the eBay sales (which went very well, thank you for asking) made me realize how much I enjoy marketing stuff. As a result, I've begun a new venture that will help me satisfy my "keep busy" needs.

This is only a teaser for now, but I'm thinking I will enjoy doing this. More to be announce next week sometime.

I finished the front and shoulder seams of the Morehouse merino sweater for Thaddeus, and I even tried it on for sizing, and it looks quite nice.

I think I'll be holding off working on the collar and sleeves until next weekend, so there won't be another progress picture on that until then.

Thaddeus agrees that my camera and the computer don't do the color justice. Kathy has decided that it's Morehouse's cranberry color, and I would tend to agree. Cranberry is a pretty apt description for it, although it's got a flatness in color that makes it rich and beautiful.

Can you picture it?

Other Project
I've also done more work on the crochet project.

You'll see I've added on quite a few rows to this mystery project. Just so you know, the eyelets will not be used for a drawstring of any kind. And another hint is that the yarn is Noro Ganpi Abaka, which is some wood/rayon/nylon blend that reminds me a lot of the hemp I was working with, but nicer.

Any other guesses? I'm surprised Kathy hasn't weighed in on this one (given that she's the crochet Goddess). Nor did she weigh in on the poncho massacre. I was expecting to read some of the bloodiest comments from her.

Readers' Comments/Questions
I have never understood why comments like some of the readers regarding the poncho elicit defensiveness and anger from other blogger-types.

It's not like it's my poncho design (although I would want to hear the same honesty on my designs as well). It's not like I expect readers to have my exact taste.

One of the reasons that Marilyn and I liked each other immediately, was that we both recognized we could be honest with each other, without feeling like we were attacking one another. We definitely don't always have the same taste, and like all diversity, I cherish that.

Ask Marilyn what she has on her front porch, for example.