Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Driving Rant

I have definitely turned the corner. I am officially a road-rage-aholic.

Drivers That Piss Me Off
The other day I had two male co-workers in my car on our way to lunch. I actually used the "C" word about a female driver in front of me at a stop light who waited until it turned green before she put on her left turn signal (there was a right lane I could have been in, had I known).

That qualifies me for road-rage-aholic status, don't you think?

Here's my list of characteristics for asshole drivers:

1. Riding in the left lane without passing or going fast.
2. People that think they're experts at multi-tasking (even when one of the tasks is driving).
3. Drivers that go past the stop line at a traffic light.
4. Drivers that don't use turn signals.
5. People that litter (I saw a full bag of McDonald's garbage thrown out of a car the other day...ugh!).
6. Drivers that remain oblivious to an upcoming exit until the last possible moment.
7. Drivers that think "Yield" means "Merge".
8. Cell phone drivers that can't share focus between driving and chatting (incessantly).
9. People that pull out dangerously into oncoming traffic and then have no sense of urgency.
10. Drivers who don't dim their bright lights until after blinding oncoming drivers.

Just typing this list has me more pissed off than you could imagine.

I decided to not wait for the weekend to work on the collar of Thaddeus Morehouse sweater.

I figure he can try it on when I get home, to make sure the collar is okay before I proceed with the sleeves and sewing it up.

Other Project
So, here's my idea for the crochet project.

I know it still doesn't look like much, but I'm hoping it comes out looking like a large, colorful jacket. Very simple with all single crochet, except for the small triple crochet's for the edging.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Carol G. asked me a question in an e-mail on a problem she's having with Debbie Bliss' Colour Block Jacket.

I tried replying, but the e-mail address was invalid. Carol said she had a problem that the left-side edges were too tight in her knitting. I've never had this problem, and wasn't sure if anyone else had, or knew of a solution.

Any ideas?