Thursday, August 26, 2004


I've always considered myself a better follower than a leader. I can lead, but I much prefer to work with than oversee.

I'm Totally Honored
I took one of those on-line surveys (which I totally love doing) on "What Leader Am I?", and I was thrilled that it came back with one of my most respected leaders:

I think that I lead in many of the same ways. How cool is that?

This week in Albany, I've only worked on the red, Morehouse merino sweater for Thaddeus. I decided that the zippered cardigan needed to sit in time out for a week.

Despite the fact that it doesn't look like I've done very much, I've actually finished about seven inches in total. The weekend will see me knitting on both projects.

I still need to get back to the red baby blanket at one point as well (she's due in late October).

More Google Searches
Do people have WAY too much time on their hands or is it just me?

When I type in a Google search for "soiled underwear for sale" (just as an example), do I get distracted by a gay knitter's blog site and go there instead?

Not likely.

I've been seeing a lot of search engine hits to my sites lately. Mostly, I think someone has posted a Google link to their site for something like " underwear front" that brings them to the picture of me modeling my knitted underwear.

Some of the search links are reasonable:

- Danish knitting
- Starmore Donegal
- And the ever popular "Knitting Blog"
- Easy crochet pattern scarf

Then I get some that make me kinda go "huh?"

- Crochet blog
- Crochet pattern leggings
- knitting children pattern free boy thick chunky cardigan
(is the boy chunky or the yarn?)
- sirdar denim chunky yarn review

And then I get some that I think, WTF?

- picture of a talking underwear
- funky chicken pillow knit pattern
- underwear Joe

All-in-all, it often amazes me that folks make it to my blog. I just hope they enjoy it.

Readers' Comments/Questions
This disagreeing with Marilyn is becoming too regular...she and I usually agree on most things.

Marilyn and Amy both say that I should use intarsia for the colored diamond section of the zippered cardigan.

First of all, I used intarsia for the colored diamonds. But for the blue on either side, and the background gray, I just carried floats behind the diamond. I just can't justify having separate bobbins of gray yarn, blue yarn and colored diamond yarn, especially when the bottom and top of the diamonds are so few stitches.

It seems much easier to have bobbins for only the diamond color, and carry the blue and the gray across as floats. I'll just make sure I make sure the floats will allow the color diamonds to lay flat without puckering when I do it the next time.

Ellen wants to know how to get onto KnitFlame.

I'm not going to tell. I know Samina replied in comments that it's a Yahoo Group, and if you have the technical ability to subscribe to a Yahoo Group, then feel free to find it and join. If you don't, you probably don't belong on the list.

I mostly do it this way to make sure readers understand that the KnitFlame list definitely doesn't suffer fools gladly (or at least what they consider fools).

Selma offers a fieldtrip to folks going to Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool.

Won't it be kind of empty or dead or even closed during the Rhinebeck festival? Don't get me wrong, I will make it a point to go to Rhinebeck if a fieldtrip is planned, but I just didn't want to set my expectations too high.

Kathy asks what color Thaddeus' Morehouse merino sweater is.

It's a murky claret color. Thaddeus calls it red, but I think he should have his gay card revoked for not being more accurate with colors.