Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Itchy Fingers

No!...not allergies! Would I bore you with a recounting of all of my physical ailments? What does this look like, the KnitLost?

New Project
I got bored with the few projects I have on the needles, so, with Thaddeus' urging, I started a new sweater.

He asked innocently, "what ever happened to that red yarn I picked out at the sheep festival?"

I translated, "Joe, go find that wonderful Moorehouse Merino that you cleverly convinced me I wanted, and start a sweater immediately."

I'm fluent in Thaddeusese, so you can trust my translation.

The sweater will be a boring one to knit, design-wise, but I could NEVER get enough of this amazing yarn. If you've never worked with it, you should try it sometime...ask Kathy.

The sweater will be a very simple crew-neck pullover with set-in sleeves. I'm designing on the needles, so now that I'm past the ribbing, it should move along pretty quickly.

Other Knitting
I did end up ripping out the upper section of the left-front of the zippered cardigan.

When I cut the floats behind the colored diamonds, it loosened up significantly, but I couldn't properly anchor the floats.

I would have enjoyed the exercise of just re-knitting the colored diamonds (as suggested by Marilyn and others), but that wasn't the problem area. It was the floats of other colors behind it.

So, when I finish the back of the sweater, I will go back and re-knit the intarsia/Fair Isle section, but I will be more careful to make sure there's enough float on the unused colors.

Knit Flame Excitement
For those of you on the KnitFlame list, someone threw a new cat toy to regular flamers.

Someone complained about a LYSO not allowing her "bagged dog" into the yarn store, despite allowing other dogs. When folks flamed her, she got all pissy and things proceeded to get very ugly.

Someone found the dog owner's personal web site which included her acting/modeling photo, and things got very nasty and ugly.

She has since apologized for her inappropriate reaction, and things have calmed down considerably.

Reminded me of how I first introduced myself to that list...what fond memories.