Monday, August 16, 2004


I can be very bull-headed when I think I'm right, and oftentimes I'm not. This past weekend was a huge conglomeration of examples of this fact.

Andean Plying
Thanks to Barb's comment about plying leftover singles, I was able to go look up an excellent source of information on this and find that it was the perfect solution to getting the most out of my roving.

ICanSpin.Com Andean Plying by Amelia Carlson

I have seen a few articles on the technique, but just assumed it was for the folks who didn't have a spinning wheel, spun on spindles, and needed to ply their singles.

I didn't think it applied to me at all, so I never read anything about it.

Now I know better, thank you.

It took me 7 attempts...yes, 7, to finally get the back of the Handspun Zippered Cardigan started.

I had math errors, or cast on the wrong number of stitches, or miscounted when working the first set-up row. I anticipated it was going to be somewhate painful to get this one figured out, but 7 attempts was ridiculous.

You'll notice that I've decided not to do the indigo cables up the back. I realized that I wouldn't have enough of the indigo Shetland 2000 to replicate the color design on the back, so I've opted to just put in simple cables of the background color.

That way, I can't be accused of making a true coffin sweater.

The last fiber-related, moronic thing I did, was to buy a non-separating zipper.

I know many folks mentioned that before I bought the zipper, and I blame myself completely.

Whenever folks mentioned separating zippers, I thought to myself, "All zippers separate...what the fuck are they talking about?"

When Marcia put asterisks around the word *separating* in her comments, I figured the least I could do was do a Google.

Boy do I feel stupid.

You'd think I'd never put a zipper in a sweater before. For those long-time readers, you'll recall I very successfully put a zipper in the Purple hooded cardigan I made for my niece.

And for one of the first times ever, I disagree with the knit-master, Kim Salazar. Even with VERY limited skills on a sewing machine, I highly recommend using the machine to sew in the zipper.

I finally finished spinning the last hank of Silver/Gray New Zealand wool this past weekend.

And what a big skein it is. I ended up making a 5.9 oz. hank of yarn with slightly over 500 yards. This would make the grist about 1370 yards per pound. I didn't measure the wraps per inch on this one, but it seems on average, slightly thinner than my earlier attempts. Hopefully, I won't need to use this skein for my current project.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Marilyn asks what I think of the NJ governor resigning due to homosexuality.

A few things. I didn't think McGreevey was a very good governor for my neighboring state, despite is Democratic leanings. His newly announce homosexuality doesn't change that opinion.

I also happen to know that he's not resigning because he's gay, or because he's a married man having an affair with another man, or because he was about to be extorted for millions if he didn't resign.

He's resigning because he put a good looking Israeli guy that he was boffing, into a position for which he wasn't the least bit qualified. In fact he was so unqualified, they couldn't even get him security clearance that was necessary for the position. So then, the Governor asks his largest campaign contributor to give this boy-toy a job. When NJ decided to investigate this contributor, he fired the boy-toy.

And then to thank the honorable governor for all he did for him, worthless boy-toy threatens to out the Governor.

What amazingly stupid things mens' dicks lead them to do.