Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hetero Leanings

Someone sent this to me with the subject "If Men Could Knit". I would change it to "If Straight Men Designed Knitwear", but be careful, this picture isn't pornographic, but you don't want your boss seeing it on your computer:

If Straight Men Designed Knitwear

Honored in Literature
Susan sent me this after finding it doing a search of QueerJoe.

Obviously, neither me,nor my blog was responsible for inspiring this, but I liked that it used my web persona as the subject of the poem.

I finished up the second hank of Morehouse Merino, and I already have about 11 inches done on this sucker. It's moving along very smoothly and quickly.

I considered ignoring Kathy even further, but I just can't be so cruel. Besides which, she'd beat me bloody next time she saw me, and then ask me what color red my blood was.

The hanks I bought have no tag at all, so I went to the Morehouse site and the color is probably henna, but it could be cranberry. It's between the two of them, but closer to henna. Carol S. also asked what weight is the yarn and is it the double-twisted. It's definitely not the double twisted, and it's their two-ply sport weight.

I also picked the zipper cardigan up again and did some work on the back.

I've only got a few more inches to do on the back, and then I have to go back and rework the front-left of the sweater. Of course, I also have the front-right and the sleeves to finish.

Gage eyes the ball of yarn hungrily, despite how deadly he knows yarn can be to his digestive system.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Marilyn asks "what else have I disagreed with her about?" (other than intarsia vs. floats on the colored diamonds).

For some reason, I thought I had been disagreeing about a lot of things with her lately, but the only one I could find in recent archives was about how we feel about consulting. I like it, she thinks it sucks (she is just blatantly wrong on this one).

Peter asks what are my "str8 boi genes"?

Unfortunately, this is another list:

1. I can't dance to save my life
2. I have no rhythm whatsoever (part of the dancing problem)
3. I can't arrange flowers very well
4. I hate gardening (sorry Peter, that's probably my worst sin in your eyes)
5. I've never colored my hair, had plastic surgery, been tatooed or pierced (on purpose)
6. I'm not very talented with interior design

Other than that, I'm a card-carrying QueerBoi. Oh, and Peter...Knit-Alongs are a a Str8boi offense with a mandatory sentence of Gaycard revocation.


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