Monday, August 02, 2004

Dumb Questions

Have I mentioned before that I do believe there ARE dumb questions?

Asking Dumb Questions
I think asking dumb questions is what makes me such a successful consulting person. I think the dumb question is often-times a good question. It basically says that the person asking it is missing a basic concept, and needs to know some aspect.

Now lazy questions...those piss me off. Don't ask me questions that say "I'm too lazy to look this up."

My toughest call when I get simple questions is trying to establish if the question is a dumb question or whether the questioner just hasn't done their homework. A typical example of this would be, "Where did you get the pattern for the red baby blanket?"

Clearly the questioner didn't realize I have discussed this a few times in earlier posts. Do they realize there are archives that might discuss this? Do they realize that a Google search can be done on "red baby blanket" and together to search my domain?

What Have I Been Doing
With all the time I've had while on vacation, you may ask, "What has QueerJoe been doing with his lazy ass?" Although fearing a specific answer to this question, you probably wouldn't ask that.

I have been very busy. Mostly with the New Zealand roving I bought at Aunt Jean's.

This hefty skein of 100% wool weighs in at 4.9 oz, contains about 390 yards of yarn, and ends up averaging about 15 wraps per inch. I'm hoping that is about DK weight...for reasons I will explain later.

But one hefty skein certainly wouldn't explain my absence from blogging for this many days.

This second skein of yarn wasn't quite as big. It weighs in at 4.6 oz and 366 yards of wool. There is a consistency of WPI at about 15. It was surprising how much this yarn blooms when I do the final washing/twist-setting.

But even two skeins wouldn't really explain all of my time away from blogging.

Yes, there is a third skein, and it is a whopper.

This baby weighs in at 5.7 ounces for approximately 450 yards.

So in the week since I've owned my new Louet, I've spun almost a pound of yarn and over 1,200 yards. It's amazing what I can do with good equipment (and a patient lover).

What To Do With Handspun
I decided I also better get busy with doing something with all of this new yarn, so I decided to pick up the lovely ramie I spun from Antonio's generous gift.

Using a simple crochet pattern adapted from one of the hat patterns in the most recent Family Circle Easy Knitting, I've almost finished this "Very Muslim" hat.

I'm planning on putting a small stripe of blue at the bottom so I don't look like my head is bandaged. We'll see how it turns out. If I don't like it, I'll just put it up for sale at the next craft show with my scarves.

Hello??? Any KNITTING on this Knitting Blog?
I heard you asking.

Yes, in addition to all my spinning and the little bit of crochet, I've also finished these two novelty yarn scarves.

The first one is in a very nice black mohair yarn with gold flecks throughout. The second one is a cotton/microfiber yarn that looks very cool.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Thanks for everyones' comments on the finishing the wheel. I was also glad that Carol S. asked about wheels with waiting lists. Thanks June, for posting the list.

I would also add Robin Wheels to that list. At Maryland Sheep & Wool, they told me there was a three year waiting list for thier wheels. They were gorgeous wheels.