Saturday, August 07, 2004

BEWARE!!! Political Rant Ahead

What will it take to wake up the morons to the fact that the current White House administration are a bunch of crooks, the likes of which haven't been in office since the Nixon years?

The Villains

With lies about going to war.
With more ties to Saudi than most Saudi nationals.
With major corporate theft at Haliburton while our esteemed Vice President was at the helm.
With fear of terror being used as a tool against the people of our nation.
With the privatization of huge sections of our armed forces to the pricetag of over $100 BILLION
(much going to Haliburton through no-contest bids)
With the pillaging of our natural resources through repeals of already lame safeguards.
With torture approved at the highest levels as bad as the dictator that was deposed.
With the elimination of basic civil rights with the enactment of the "Patriot" act.
With vengeful actions against true patriots, like exposing an undercover CIA operative.
(whose husband had the gall to tell the truth about uranium from Niger)

What more will it take for people to realize that we are turning into a religious-based dictator, and GWB is no better than most of the Ayatollah's dictating policy based on religious fervor?

Most of the folks that read my blog already know all of this. I'm making it my business to wake up a few of the unenlightened. Wanna join me? Go wake someone up.

Okay, I'm done. Back to the regularly scheduled knitting blog.

I've made some good progress on the Zipper Cardigan. I'm about halfway up the left front side of the sweater, and it's moving along very quickly.

This coming week (when I'm back at work in Albany), I need to check out zippers in JoAnn's fabrics to find one that will be the right color and length for my finished sweater.

That way, if I have to modify the length, to accommodate the zipper, I can plan that into the design.

The handspun wool is creating a very nice lightweight, yet very warm fabric. I'm very pleased with both the color and texture, and it seems perfectly suited to the garment.

Old Project
I never did do any additional work on the mitered square baby blanket, and I think my sister-in-law is due to deliver this month sometime (I have to call this weekend to find out for certain).

So, I ended up doing a crochet edging on the blanket.

I ended up doing a row of single crochet in red and yellow and a row of double crochet in green and orange. Overall, I'm very pleased with the result.

I just hope it holds up with use and in the washer and dryer (its first run through the machines required a little mending...hopefully that's all it will take).

Ongoing Project
I also got some novelty scarf knitting done. I'm enjoying some of the novelty scarf yarns I picked up at outrageous prices, and others I'm not enjoying as well.

These two I enjoyed knitting a lot.

Blog Reader Gift
Mary was kind enough to send me the following reminder of a store no longer in existence.

It's an old newsletter from the Tomato Factory in 1991. Mary thought the fat guy in the pictures looked like me. If she saw me now, after two weeks of eating anything I felt like, she'd be pretty accurate.

Thanks Mary. I never saw these types of newsletters when I worked there, and even though I was knitting in 1991, I wasn't a customer of the Tomato Factory back then.

Readers' Comments/Questions
A couple of notes. On the comments about pancakes, I totally disagree with Kris about using a cast iron pan. I can make them in cast iron, but I find it more challenging.

For me, cooking pancakes successfully comes from adjusting the amount of oil/fat in the pancake batter and making sure the surface of the pan is hot enough, but not too hot.

As for Kathy's request for further information on the Isager-inspired design, I'll have more information in the next one, but I'm trying to do the zippered cardigan in Inka (Marianne's OOP book of designs) with the colored diamonds. Obviously I'm using different colors.

I'll try to post a picture of the original design when I get up to the colored diamonds part on mine.