Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wow...Busy, Short Week

Work has me running around like a crazy person.

Racist Humor
I'm not usually a fan of racist or any hateful humor, but before I decide on whether a joke is racist, I look at the nature of the joke.

The basic crux of this joke, is that the Bush administration treats Colin Powell as a token minority.

Colin Powell is probably one of the most intelligent man in the administration, and yet his opinions are dismissed, or worse, he's forced to renounce what he really thinks.

As such, I feel the winning caption shows an exaggerated view of the racism that exists, but not in a promoting sort of way.

Plus, gay men hold nothing sacred, and Cheryl's entry was funny as hell.

Weekend Knitting
I promised pictures of this past weekend's knitting/spinning adventures.

I also made a mistake. I finished THREE hanks of the Blue-Faced Leicester, not just two.

Here are pictures of the three scarves I completed, with closeups of the fabric.

New Design Idea
I worked some on the Marriott Mildew sweater during this week in Albany, but it was a short week, the pattern is hard to photograph, and it's done with jumper weight yarn, so I don't make huge progress except on weekends.

I'll update with a picture at a later date.