Friday, July 23, 2004


You'd think I'd be lost without a spinning wheel. You'd be right.

Returned Wheel
I returned the spinning wheel to my next door neighbor, and I'm in severe withdrawal. I'm considering making a trip to my local spinning shop (the Spinnery in Neshanic Station, NJ) and checking out less-expensive wheels (not to mention other assorted fiber).

And while I'm at it, I might as well stop at Simply Knit, since their discount is up to 50% now. In essence, they're selling for wholesale cost, and not even recouping the shipping costs.

What makes the withdrawal from spinning even worse, is that I'm on vacation for the next two weeks (sorely needed).

We have no specific plans, other than day-trips in and around the area, so I've got a lot of leisure time that I could be spending on a spinning wheel.

I may just have to continue knitting instead.

I've gotten quite a few more mitered squares added to the current baby blanket, and it's looking better and better..

My one debate on this one is whether I should consider lining the back of the blanket to cover up the woven-in ends of the yarn.

I think it looks fine, so I probably won't, but I needed something to obsess over a little.

eBay Yarn Sales
The eBay sales went well, but this time, almost everyone waited until the last minute to bid.

I had expected that to happen on the first lot of yarn I had up for sale, but everyone bid throughout the five day auction. This last time, I got almost 80% of the bids in the last few minutes of each auction.

Overall, the bidders on this last auction got some very good deals. Both my friend Alan and the winning bidders should be happy with the result.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Terri asks if I'll be putting up more yarn for bid.

I probably will, but I don't expect the same level of excitement for the next group of sales. Not that the yarn isn't very nice, but I don't know the fiber content, and it's impossible to convey how soft and nice a yarn is in an eBay listing.