Sunday, July 25, 2004

Spinning Out of Control

How is it that so many people actually like Stephanie. She's always right.

Wheel Shopping
As much as I hate to admit it, Stephanie is exactly right when she says I should just buy a wheel. It really is a foregone conclusion.

Even Thaddeus agrees that I should have bough the Louet S75 when I was at The Spinnery.

Thanks to recommendations from both Marilyn and Carol (at Simply Knit), I'm planning on making a trip to Aunt Jean's Handiworks in Clinton, NJ this coming Tuesday, and I'll check out her wheels. Depending on the availability of different wheels, I will end up purchasing one either there, or go back to The Spinnery to pick up a Louet.

New Interweave Knits
Overall, this one looks like it has promise, and there are some good things in it. It goes downhill as you go further, but still worth the price of US$7.

There are a total of 16 sweaters (although one requires you to send in for complete instructions...huh?), one skirt, a couple of hats, a chair cover, a shawl, gloves, pillows and a scarf.

Good Sweaters
North Island Vest by Katy Ryan has good colors.
Dancin' Daisies Pullover by Kristin Nicholas. A child's sweater with good colors as well.
Rhapsody in Tweed by Kathy Zimmerman. A classically simple and good men's sweater.
Sideways Spencer by Annie Modesitt. Poorly modelled, but very cool sweater (requires some work on the reader's part).
Huntington Casle Pullover by Robin Melanson. This is the cover design. It's hooded and very nice looking and interesting looking to make.

Bad Sweaters
Touch Me Cardigan by Véronik Avery. It's made with Touch Me Chenille...ugh.
Silkroad Cardigan by Joe Sharp. Has two extra sleeves in front that are used as ties to keep it closed.
Heathery Duo by Mary Lynn Patrick. Bad top and worse skirt. Just because you can knit it, doesn't mean you should.

Accessories - Good and Bad
Floral Felted Bag by Nicki Epstein is quite good. Great color selection, although a lot of work for a bag.
Shadow Tam by Vivian HØxbro is very nice, even for a tam.
Sweet and Downlow Chair by Véronik Avery. Excellent idea for an Ikea chair.
Cashmere Gauntlet Gloves by Deborah Newton are just plain awful. What was she thinking?
Funky Chicken Pillows by Meg Kandis are quite nice. Excellent color and graphic, despite the silly name.
Pooling Colors Scarf by Lori Gayle give a new and interesting technique that sounds like fun.

Mostly boring, except for a decent technical article with instructions on grafting, and an interesting human interest piece by Annie Modesitt.

Of note are two advertisements for the two new Unicorn books, Simply Shetland and Simply Knit 3. Neither one are in stores yet, but it was nice to see the adds, because that means their arrival must be iminent.

I keep laying on more rows of squares to the mitered square baby blanket.

Thanks to straightforward, stern advice from both Marilyn and Kathy, I won't be lining this one (I wasn't really planning on lining it was one of those "blog controversies" that I was trying to start). My favorite comment was Kathy's when she states that even Nadine wouldn't line it.

Nadine is just about to open her new yarn store in New Jersey, and she is one of the most perfect knitters I've ever known. She wouldn't consider completing a design unless it was perfect in every way, and the results show it's worth it.

I'll be giving you all the details on her new store as soon as it opens.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Terri assumes I know the "burn test" for determining fiber content.

I have read about this, but my difficulty is not determining whether the yarn is all wool, or all synthetic, but what combination of the two. At one point this week, I'm going to pull out all of the wool I have and put it in lots that will be manageable to mail out, and just sell it all "as-is".

Overall, folks will get more than they bargain for, but that's a good thing in some ways.