Thursday, July 29, 2004

Guess What QueerJoe's Been Doing?

Spinning like a mad Dervish!

New Spinning Wheel
I guess it's no surprise that I would buy a spinning wheel. I guess the only question was which wheel I would buy, and maybe, how quickly.

I ended up getting the Louet S75 wheel. It's a double treadle wheel with Irish tensioning.

It was a decision between the Schacht double treadle, the Louet S10 and the one I bought.

I mainly purchased the S75 because of the stability of the wheel, the maintenance-free, oil-free wheel assembly, and the ease with which I could treadle. I also like that the yarn opening at the front is wide, and I can thread it without a hook. Finally, I also got a good price on the wheel at The Spinnery, which is the closest spinning store to where I live.

The Schacht was my second choice. It is an excellent wheel. The only two factors that I didn't like as well on the Schacht is that it doesn't treadle quite as easily, and it's quite a bit more expensive. I would also have had to buy a Schacht at Aunt Jean's Handiwork in Clinton, NJ, and that's a little further than The Spinnery. Cindy at Aunt Jean's is amazingly enthusiastic, and I hope to get to take some classes with her, despite the fact that I didn't buy my wheel from her.

Some of the features that the Schacht has that my wheel doesn't have is a lot more flexibility in wheel ratios and in tensioning. The Schacht allows you to do double-band tensioning, Scotch braking and Irish tensioning.

The Louet S10 is an excellent wheel also. I actually like the simplistic design. The S75 is a little more stable, and the price difference wasn't that great.

Now I just need to figure out if I should finish my spinning wheel. Is there any other reason than aesthetics for finishing a wheel?

I'm glad that I picked up the New Zealand Silver/Grey roving at Aunt Jean's the other day. I've already spun over 5 ounces.

The bobbin on the Louet holds about twice as much yarn as the Ashford. But I can also spin almost twice as fast on the Louet.

This yarn is turning out quite beautifully. I can't wait to see how it looks all plied and bloomed. This is going to make an awesome sweater.

Thank you all for your encouragement with my new obsession.

I'm continuing to work on a few new novelty yarn scarves. I'll have a picture in the next post.