Thursday, July 22, 2004

Everything Viewed Through Spinning

I know this is a common experience. Getting so wrapped up in some obsession, that you start to relate every aspect of life through some analogy, related to the obsession.

Spinning = Life
I remember my oldest brother telling me years ago that he was so obsessed with chess, that he started thinking of everthing in terms of chess. Road intersections, the order in which he ate his dinner, taking out the garbage, etc., etc.

That has started to happen with my spinning.

As mundane as this analogy is my first thought was how as the fiber drafted through my fingers, spinning into a single thread, it made me realize how I am able to take multiple activities in my own life, and guide them into the thread of my ongoing existence.

I've also been thinking a lot about what Stephanie said when I was having problems spinning the ramie.

Something about spinning with a less wooly feel, and she was exactly right...each fiber needs to be spun in a way consistent with its makeup.

Anyway, now back to the real world.

I've been able to make some slow progress on the new baby blanket.

I'm enjoying it a lot. I had forgotten how fulfilling finishing a square at a time could be when working with mitered sqares.

eBay Yarn Sales
I will never be able to anticipate how eBay sales work.

Last time, all the bidders bid early. This time, they're either waiting for the last minute, or there will be some very good deals on the cones of yarn I have out there.

Check them out here.

Readers' Comments/Questions
For all you shameless flirts, whether you're begging for chocolate, or just love the thrill of flirting, it's been fun watching you "dance" in the comments. I had some of the chocolate, and while I'm not usually a huge fan of dark chocolate, this stuff is downright sinful. It's probably the best chocolate I've ever had.

Keep up the flirting (Lisa hasn't displayed her enormous talent for flirting yet, but she is a pretty shameless flirt as well, and she enjoys all sorts of wobbly bits).