Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Dirty Tricks

I know it's childish to be vengeful, but sometimes I just can't control myself.

Leaving My Last Job
When I left my last job (over 7 years ago, now), I left with less than positive feelings about my bosses.

I don't remember who gave me this idea, but I loved it, and thought I'd share it. It's small and petty,

but it gave me some small level of satisfaction thinking about it being discovered after I left.

Before I left my last job, I made a small change to the wallpaper on my PC.

I took a screen print of my desktop (you can do this by simply going to your desktop, pressing Print Screen, and then pasting the result into a new document in MS Paint). I then selected this new file as my wallpaper (again, MS Paint allows you to save a graphic as your wallpaper...File/Save as Wallpaper (centered)).

Then I just deleted the icons on my desktop, leaving the picture of my icons as wallpaper.

After doing this, it appeared as though the desktop had all of the standard shortcuts and icons, but none of them worked when clicked on.

Fiber Purchases
As part of my attempt to catch up with my friends at Simply Knit, and in my search for a spinning wheel, I came across a few items that needed a good home.

With a 50% off sale at Simply Knit, I picked up a sweater's worth of Royal Tweed in a black, speckled color.

I've been designing a Marianne Isager inspired, zippered cardigan in Jamieson DK. These will be the colors I use for this to-be design.

The color in the back will be the main color, and will be accented with the various colors in front.

Since there were a few good scarf yarns left, I picked up some Lido and Incanto that will be used to make craft show scarves. With the price of the materials for a good sized scarf at only $8, I can sell these for a very good price.

Finally, I picked up some roving from New Zealand while I was at Aunt Jean's Handicrafts yesterday.

The yarn is actually a little darker tan than shows in the picture. It will be a great, natural color yarn when it's spun up.

Spinning Wheel
While at Aunt Jean's I was able to check out the Ashford Joy, the Louet S10 and the Schacht double treadle spinning wheels. By far, the Schact was the nicest wheel.

But I have to say, the Louet S75 I got to try out at the Spinnery was my favorite so far. I anticipate that I will own the Louet by the end of the week.

I've finished all the mitered squares on the Legerro Baby Blanket. Now I have to work on the border.

I'm not quite sure what I'll do for the border, but I plan on going very simple. I'm going to try crocheting the edging to see if I like that.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Jennifer asks what I've made with the Weavette, and if it's one of those 5 minutes of fun type of gadgets (Marilyn snorts her derisive, repetetive question after Jennifer's).

I've made a few squares in differing weaving patterns, one of which I came up with on my own. While I don't see myself making a handwoven bedspread, I'm still glad I own a couple of these gadgets. They are fun to play with.

Just as a side comment, when I was chatting with Cindy, the owner of Aunt Jean's, she asked if I had ever done weaving. I said, "only with a Weavette", and she said, "oh, that doesn't count"...lol.