Monday, June 28, 2004

Spinning Out of Control

Weekends are just chock full of spinning adventure.

Weekend Spinning
I decided to start in on the pound of Blue-Face Leicester, and I didn't want to put it down all weekend.

The wool is soft and luxurious, and I could immediately spin a very fine thread with it. I was very impressed by both the yarn, and my spinning abilities.

I ended up spinning two spindles worth of singles, and then plied it into the hank pictured above. Using Antonio's wonderful little gift (see below), I was able to determine that it is about 20 wraps per inch. While I'm not sure how much this hank weighs (as it was still a little damp when I left), there were a total of 331 yards of pretty thin yarn after plying, washing and hanging weights.

I'm very pleased with the outcome, and I will definitely be ordering more of this. Enough so I end up having a sweater's worth of yarn when I'm done spinning it.

Antonio's Presents
Yes, that is plural...presents.

I was greeted with Antonio's package in the mail on Saturday. He had told me he was going to send me one of those clever little wooden needle holders that also doubles as a WPI measurment tool.

As mentioned above, it has already come in very handy.

But he also sent along this amazing gift.

It's a prepared ramie for spinning, and it feels amazing. I honestly have to say, if I had one extra spindle that wasn't needed for my current Leicester spinning, I would have had to spin up some of this material.

Anyone that knows any special ways that ramie should be spun, feel free to speak up.

Blog Contest
I love the current contest. Everytime I open my e-mail, I get at least one good chuckle.

This contest also proves how funny and clever the readers of the blog are. Folks have until this Friday to come up with a caption for the picture shown in the last blog entry to be able to win a large hank of wonderful sock yarn.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Pam asks if I had any interest in buying Simply Knit, and what are the three stores in my immediate area.

I had a lot of interest in buying Simply Knit, but only as a retirement "hobby". I'm not ready financially to do something like that for about five years...maybe seven.

The yarns Stores are (in order of closeness):

Gazebo Plus in New Hope's Logan Square shopping plaza.

Stitch Inn on route 202 in Lahaska.

The Spinnery on route 202 in Neshanic Station.

There's also:

Pins & Needles in Princeton, NJ

Glenmarle Woolworks in Princetion, NJ

and a place in Pennington, NJ that I can't remember the name of.

Did any reader get to the first day of the Simply Knit sale?

I didn't and I was wondering if it was a mob scene.