Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sad News

The owners of Simply Knit have decided to retire and close their store.

Local Yarn Store Closing
For those of you who know the Simply Knit name, the owners, Carol and CC, have decided to retire from the yarn store business and close up shop. This is a very sad day for my knitting world.

I have known Carol since her days at Tomato Factory. She is an amazing designer, and an all-around great lady. CC has been a perfect complement at the store as she did her share of designing and handling of all the business of running a yarn store.

Closing Sale
As is typically the case when a yarn store closes, Simply Knit will be announcing shortly a "Closing Sale". The sale starts this Saturday, June 26 with a 20% discount on all merchandise, the following week will be 30% off, then 40% and finally 50% off.

Obviously, the gamble to wait for 50% discount means you might not get what you want at all.

They have also said that if anyone wants to get in before the sale starts this Saturday, and they mention my site, they can get a pre-sale discount of 10%. How cool is that?

Blog Picture
The animated GIF above is showing alternating pictures that I took of myself this morning. I will eventually replace it with only one picture. I need to have y'all help me decide which picture I should use.

Please fill out the survey below. Vote early and vote often.

Current Knitting
I dutifully spent some time last night and this morning knitting on the current baby blanket.

She's looking better and better. And the blanket is one of those projects that is more enjoyable the more progress I make on it.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Melise asks how many stitches I cast on for a swatch.

This depends. I usually do a long-tail cast on for my swatch, so I just pull out a lenght of yarn, and keep casting on till I've run out of the long-tail. In this case, it ended up being almost wide enough for the back of a man's sweater (about 110 stitches if I remember correctly).

Mary asks what is entrelac and why does everyone hate it.

For the first part of your question, I will refer you to Google (oops...just realized Marilyn answered your question quite well). The reason everyone hates it (or at least why I do, is that it requires a lot of sections of back and forth knitting (or learning to "knit backwards"...which I refuse to believe helps at all. Mary's other questions were very ably answered by Geraldine.

Speaking of whom, Geraldine asks a few questions herself:

1. How on earth did you match up your hand and machine knitting.
A. The yarn made it easy to do that. Changing gauge wasn't at all noticeable.

2. She accuses me of being too good at spinning.
A. Guilty as charged. It's unusual for me, but I'm thrilled about this new skill.

3. When am I going to take up weaving.
A. Unless Weavettes count, never. Doesn't look like something I'd enjoy at all. But dyeing...now that I will enjoy some day.