Monday, June 07, 2004

Gallery Pictures

For your viewing pleasure, here are some links to the various pictures of me modeling Fashion of the Christ:

Front of Vest
Looking for Spinning Material
Another Frontal
Reverse of Vest
Final Frontal

You'll notice that even though I cut in much more deeply on the armhole shaping, it still has a little wing thing going on. I think I just need to start bulking up and getting broader shoulders.

Fashion of the Christ Pattern
I'm publishing a pretty in-depth pattern for the FotC vest, which might indicate that the pattern is pretty comprehensive and error-free.

Not necessarily.

I'm very wary about putting out a less-than-tested pattern with my name on it, so I caution anyone using to proceed as if they were beta-testing this pattern.

Click Here to get the Fashion of the Christ Pattern - PDF file

Click Here to get the Fashion of The Christ Pattern - MS Word Document

Please feel free to let me know of any questions or corrections to the pattern, but more importantly, please let me know if you plan on attempting it. I'd be thrilled to see how folks would progress on this design.

Local Art Auction
One last thing on this coming weekend's auction at Rago's. There has been a flurry of activity at the preview for this auction, but most of it is being focused on the Bakelite jewelery and some of the other more conventional paintings that aren't in my friend Peggy's collection.

Hopefully it will stay that way.

Readers' Comments/Question
Marilyn asks what's next for knitting projects.

I'm going to do another baby blanket, using a modified version of Nancy Hearne's pattern on the web. I'm also planning on doing a rendition of a zipper-front cardigan in Marianne Isager's book, Inka.

Geraldine asks if Thaddeus wore anything special for his "dancing in the street" event.

Honestly, he didn't have time to plan a wardrobe for the occassion. We heard about it about an hour after it was announced, so he threw on some old sweat pants, a t-shirt and did his little street jig. Seems appropriate to me.