Sunday, June 27, 2004

Farenheit 9/11

Along with the liberal masses, I was able to see this great movie on it's opening day.

I mentioned in my last post that I thought the "R" rating was censorship.

I recant that. Without changing some of the language and some of the violent scenes, I think the movie was appropriately rated.

Thaddeus works in a video store, and will often pick a PG-13 movie to play in the store. PG-13 ratings allow for the "F" word to be used once, and Thaddeus knows where the "F" word appears in most every PG-13 movie, because he has to turn down the volume at that point if there are customers in the store.

Farenheit 9/11 had the word at least 4 times, and it had some pretty gruesome scenes of war and torture as well. Short, but disturbing nonetheless.

Overall, the movie was a lot better than I expected even. He did a very good job of weaving the full story of corruption that this White House administration has executed skillfully. There were a few times where I thought Michael Moore used cheap stunts, but much less so than his other movies.

I knew much of the content of the movie, but seeing it all in one place was truly enraging.

I highly recommend this movie.

Knitting Magazines
When I was in Borders last week, picking up my copy of "My Life" by William J. Clinton, I also picked up these two knitting magazines.

Knit 'n Style
While it had some surprisingly nice items, overall, not worth the price of US$6.

The magazine was jam-packed with 33 patterns, which amazes me that they can sell this magazine for so little.

Nicky Epstein is clearly the star of this issue. She has a lovely woman's sweater called Berry Cluster with small beads for embellishments, and also a very nicely made long coat, called the Tender Leaf Coat. I liked both a lot. There is also a very delicate stole done in Soy Silk yarn that is very nice.

There's one article on Missoni that is interesting and has great pictures of amazing sweaters. Unfortunately it whets the readers' appetites for good design, and the remainder of the magazine is sorely lacking in good design.

Some designs that were particularly bad were:
Hooded Pullover - Striped faux fur pullover...ick
String of Beads Shawl - There are no beads, and it looks like the model is wearing an afghan
Barghest - Some Viking-inspired, wide shoulder crap in pink
Triangle Collared Shawl - Looks like a Yetti is trying to swallow the model
Long Coat with Hood - badly designed, and poorly executed
Collared Wrap Cardigan - Looks like bad crochet, but it's really knitting...pathetic
Boy's Pullover, Cap, Mittens and Teddy Bear - All I can do is gag

The rest of the patterns were ordinary or had good colors and bad design or some other forgettable combination of factors.

This British-based magazine is expensive and just plain bad (or at best boring).

Despite designers like Sasha Kagan and Jean Moss, the Brits would be better off paying for shipping and import duties on KNitters. At a US$8 cost here in the states, and only 9 bad or boring patterns, it's not a very good deal at all.

Blog Contest
The contest is pretty simple, but requires imagination and humor. Simply come up with a funny caption for the picture below, and send it to me, via e-mail to

Contest Rules
All entries must be submitted by This Friday, July 2nd, at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

You may submit as many entries as you want.

I will pick my favorite entry based on the following factors:
- Sick, dark humor of your entry.
- Relevancy to current events.
- Cleverness.

I will announce the winner next Monday, July 5th in the blog, after I have notified the winner via e-mail.

By submitting an entry, you are stating that it is your idea, and that you are giving me permission to publish your entry on this blog.

Blog Contest Prize
I can't believe I'm going to part with this yarn, but I wanted to give a good prize.

This is Dancing Feet Sock Yarn, in colorway Treebark. There are 3 ounces of yarn or about 600 yards. It is the yarn I'm making my current socks from.

While you can't feel the yarn, I will tell you it's one of the nicest yarns I've worked with, and I've worked with some awesome yarns.

Here's a closeup to give you a sense about the deep rich colors in this yarn.

Good luck to all who decide to enter the contest.