Thursday, June 17, 2004

Blah Blah Blog

Uninspired is the feeling for the day. Feel free to skip today's blog entry if you're at all busy.

My current project is leaving me feeling extremely unchallenged.

It's a repeat of a project done recently.

It's all one color.

The stitch pattern is interesting up to a point, but gets tired fast.

I have no inspiring ideas on my knitting horizon that I can look forward to with great excitement.

Despite the boring nature of the project, you can see that I've made a few inches of progress on my current baby blanket.

I realized I wasn't following the pattern correctly for the eyelet section when I got to the second section of eyelet blocks, and realized the number of stitches didn't exactly match the stitch pattern.

It was easily fudged, and I kind of like the alternate look of this blanket.

What I can't remember, is whether I made the same mistake on the first blanket. I'll check when I get home.

eBay Yarn Sales
All I can say is "wow!"

If Alan can keep me in coned yarns, I may just quit my job and sell coned yarns on eBay all day long.

I could fill up the remaining hours with production knitting on his machines, and sell "hand crafted" garments to pay for health benefits.

Readers' Comments/Questions
I guess I have to stop ignoring Kathy's requests for QueerJoe fiber products.

I'll make her a deal, I'm about to put on a blog contest which will require cleverness, humor and a somewhat acidic wit. I haven't decided what to offer up as a prize, but perhaps I'll include some of my handspun as an option. Stay tuned for more contest information.

I also got another e-mail from someone looking for the pattern for Nancy Hearne's blanket that I'm making (I get about 3 a day).

I'm going to take this as an opportunity to request that folks make at least a half-hearted attempt to find this stuff first before e-mailing me. The link to the free web pattern has shown up three times in my archives, and a google search of "Nancy Hearne" and any other word like knit, baby, blanket, etc., will quickly let readers find the pattern.

Linda asks if she can get the changes I've made to Nancy's pattern.

I wouldn't suggest any changes to her pattern stitch at all. It's quite good as it is. The only minor changes I would make to her pattern are as follows:

1. In the cable pattern, she doesn't say what to do with the four stitches on either side of the cable. Just do them in reverse stockinette stitch (purl on the right side, and knit on the wrong side).

2. On the second repeat of the pattern, there is one purl stitch toward the beginning and end of each row, that isn't part of the pattern. I just did reverse stockinette for that stitch as well.

3. Finally, where she does ribbing, I've tried doing seed stitch, so the blanket doesn't pull in as much. Her version looks better aesthetically, but mine lays flatter.