Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Why Do It If It's Not Fun

I saw this Ben & Jerry founder's quote on someone's bumper sticker this morning.

Work Doldrums
Upon reading this, I realized (again) how little I'm enjoying my current work assignment.

I just have no enthusiasm at all for the work I'm doing, and if it weren't for the paychecks I get twice a month, and the associated enjoyment from that (e.g. new car), I'd be following Jerry's advice.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
On the other hand, I am enjoying my knitting very much...what little I've been able to fit in with my schedule.

You can see I've made it up a few rows into the main pattern.

Overall, I like the patterning a lot. I'm less thrilled with the color combination, in that the sweater is turning out brighter than I planned. It's not an awful combination, just not what I was expecting.

One reason I do like the colors is that they remind me a lot of the colorful garments and altar dressings I used to see in church when I went.

Another Generous Spinning Offer
My knitting friend Janis called me this past weekend with an offer to let me borrow either of her two spinning wheels as well as some of her drum carder and fleece or roving to practice with.

She's been otherwise occupied with her daughter Marina.

At one point when I want to try that specific wheel, I will take her up on her offer.