Friday, May 07, 2004

What Sock?

How quickly I was able to dump the Dancing Feet sock, when I got home to see my new sweater yarn.

Mail Order Yarn
I always love opening packages, and packages with yarn are even better.

Some of these yarns came in from Yarns International, others I had in my stash.

The lightest color towards the center of the yarns has me a little concerned. It's a very pale, light sage green color, but it may be too high a contrast for this project. Hopefully, since the lighter colors in this design don't show up as much as the darker colors, it will work out okay.

Fair Isle "Heresy" Design
I've opted not to swatch this design, and to just jump into it with both feet.

I've already cast on, and completed the first row of ribbing (picture of it would look really stupid), and I was able to connect the round without twisting on my first try.

Usually, I just knit the first two rows flat, and it's easier to connect the round. I didn't feel like doing Fair Isle purling, so I just took my chances. It worked out fine this time.

But before I cast on, I did some work with the pattern design, and setting the color sequence. First I set the sequence of the light colors, and then the sequence of the dark colors.

Here's basically how the colors will be set.

Sock Knitting
I've decided to use the remaining sock project as a filler project now that I have my focus elsewhere.

The next time you'll hear about this project is when I've completed both socks.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Jennie asks how to figure out how much yarn to use on something like a baby blanket.

I have a few different solutions to this. Most popular solution for me is to buy way more than I think I'll need so I can have leftovers. I've also been know to find a pattern similar to one that I'm making and then estimate based on the patterns yarn requirements. Finally, with something like the Rosemary's baby blanket, I just hoped that one ball of each color would be sufficient towards the outer squares.

It worked out fine that way.

Regarding weight, I agree with Barb, that a little extra fat as I age means less wrinkles. And I didn't mean to imply that I looked fat to most other folks (my work-casual shirts hide any waist I have very well). I just meant to say that I'm not as comfortable at my current weight, and I thought a public announcement of my intentions would help me get to my desired goal.

Don't get me wrong, Lisa's vision of a neurasthenic ectomorph has me thinking maybe I should go bulemic, but I don't want my teeth rotting out from stomach acid being regurgitated (where did Lisa learn how to turn such a clever phrase?).

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