Sunday, May 16, 2004

Religious Anorexia

In my struggle to release myself from the bonds of my religion-of-upbringing, I sometimes swing so far in one direction, that my religiosity seeps out anyway.

Religious Themed Knit Projects
In addition to introducing me to the concept of "directional dyslexia", Linda also pointed out that there's a theme in my knitting projects lately.

Rosemary's Baby blanket and Heresy/Fashion of The Christ.

In trying to negate my religious upbringing, I have only succeeded in displaying the other side of the coin in my knitting work. My rendition of trying to let that part of my life go, resulting in a constant obsession with it.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
Progress, progress and more progress.

I've made it up to almost completing the second full repeat, which is about 7 inches of knitting (including the ribbing).

Thaddeus was kind of bummed that I was planning on making a pullover vest, so I may rethink my plans and do a full sleeved pullover. I'll have to check to make sure I have enough of all the colors. I'll also have to decide on if I have the energy.

Design Availability
I liked Marilyn's suggestion, that I just publish the pattern design. I figure I can do a little more than that, by putting together a list of the colors I'm using and suggesting substitutes for unknown, or discontinued colors. I can also give the basic pattern in terms of number of stitches in the body, arm-hole decreases, etc.

That way, the more adventurous knitters will be able to piece together a sweater for themselves.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Julie asks which of the 100 Things list didn't I want my mother to know.

It's not so much that I didnt' want her to know some of them, it's just that it was uncomfortable for me to think she might have read #'s 32, 43 and 79. More so than that, it was just kind of odd that she had a window into my life with a view she was rarely allowed to see. Even just the thought of her reading about me as QueerJoe was somewhat odd for me.

Sean has gotten almost all the way to his goal of $1,200. If there is anyone who can contribute, even $25, I would love to see him meet his pledge. Click here, and thanks to those of you who already contributed.