Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Reader Generosity

I will never get accustomed to amazing generosity. It will always surprise the hell out of me.

Wheel Advice
I can't begin to tell you how much advice I've gotten regarding the factors that should be used when selecting a spinning wheel.

Most of the basic information was available on The Woolery site referenced yesterday, that Carol S. recommended. A great starting place.

Many readers supplemented that information with extremely generous advice. The most amazing e-mail was from Ruby in Toronto. She teaches spinning (and includes Stephanie as one of her students), and has a very detailed list of factors that should be considered when selecting a wheel.

I would have to say that I would gladly take a spinning class with Ruby just based on how generous she was with her knowledge. Thank you Ruby.

Any Toronto area readers, feel free to contact me for Ruby's e-mail if you'd be interested in taking classes from a master.

Current Knitting
I'm surpising myself at how quickly I'm getting this pair of socks done.

As you can plainly see, I've finished the heel, and I'm anxious to get to work on the smaller needle ankle (to match the first one) and then on to the ribbing.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Shirley asks if I've ever tried spinning on a spindle.

This is how my interest in spinning actually started. Like knitting, I was amazed that I could take a little cloud of fiber, and manipulate it into a yarn. The inefficiencies of drop-spindles made me realize I would enjoy spinning on a wheel much more.

A couple readers have expressed interest in more information on the Morehouse Merino I purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

The best place to learn about their yarn, is at their site.

The best place to learn more about my evaluation of the yarn is at Kim's site.

I'm not sure if my review will be published yet, but I did submit my review nonetheless.

They make amazing claims about how soft their yarn is. NONE of their claims are false, in my humble opinion. The yarn I bought is what they call their worsted weight. I consider it a little heavier than most worsted, but I use it as a worsted weight anyway. The deep cranberry color that Thaddeus chose is very rich. They clearly choose their colors with great care.

Carol S. mentioned that I should check out the Kromski wheels.

I'm embarrassed to say that I did check these out at MDS&W, but I had forgotten the name. They looked quite amazing, and from the looks, I'd have no problem owning one. If it lasted as long as my current Pollack, I'd be very fortunate.

Finally, June mentions that if the Robin wheel is set up like a Louet, to expect a hard pull.

This was confirmed by the guy that makes the Robin wheels. He said that beginners often have to get used to the stronger pull of their wheels because of the tensioning. I figure with 2 years to get used to drafting faster, I could fit it into my schedule.