Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I actually don't mind making mistakes in my knitting.

It's kind of like someone telling me I made a HUGE error in eating that fudge browning, and now I have to re-eat it.

Since I enjoy knitting so much, re-knitting something is just as much a pleasure.

The only time it gets frustrating, is when I realize I will have nothing to show for my work on the blog. You know how much I hate to disappoint.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
As you've guessed, I made a mistake on the new design. The mistake was right at the beginning of a round, and didn't realize it until I came around on the next round.

I tried to fudge it by dropping the wrong color and picking up the correct color on the mistaken row below, but it was turning into the equivalent of keeping track of two rows at the same time, and my mind just couldn't handle it last night. I tinked 340 stitches instead.

Tipping Etiquette Redux
I was glad to hear from all of the servers out there.

As a quick follow up. I didn't feel at all guilty about leaving no tip for the waitress. In fact, I plan on going back to the restaurant at some point in the future. Most of the servers are very good.

I can imagine the hate mail I might get when I say this (because of her faithful readership), but I disagree with Stephanie's view on this. While I don't think tipping is a very effective form of feedback, I felt it was my only option given the circumstances. If tips are paid regardless of level of service, there is no way to provide feedback, other than through complaints to servers or management.

If it had been a yarn store where I experienced poor service, I would just not have returned. At least with my ability to show displeasure through tipping (or lack thereof), I can still feel able to return.

However, I also almost always tip at 20% or better, because I do agree with Stephanie that server salary rates are so low, tips are required to make a minimum wage.

I also didn't feel I could have provided the server with feedback without doing it publicly, so I opted to just let her guess, or call me a jerk. I'm still okay with that decision. I would have been happy to discuss it with her if she had ever come back after serving the food, and I'd be glad to let her know if she asks next time I go.