Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I Didn't Leave a Tip

Tipping has turned into one of the most useless practices on the planet for recognizing good service, or even moreso, not recognizing bad service.

How Not To Wait Tables
Not recognizing bad service is a lousy way of showing dissatisfaction. It provides no feedback except that you weren't satisfied. As for the reason, the server can only guess.

Thaddeus and I had lunch at a great little local restaurant on Sunday. We arrived and seated ourselves after greeting the two servers and the chef (open kitchen).

After five minutes of waiting, I got up and got us menus.

After another five minutes, our server came to take drink orders. She seemed distracted, but after five minutes, we were ready to place our full lunch order, so we did.

Beverages arrived, and were finished about five minutes before lunch arrived.

Lunch arrived and we requested another beverage, which she brought without clearing the other two glasses. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after she left without the glasses, that I realized she had brought me something other than what I had ordered.

That was the last we saw of our waitress until we finally went to the counter to pay and left the restaurant. She thanked us as we left. For what, I don't know, since we didn't feel a tip was necessary.

Should I have told her that I wasn't leaving a tip and why? Should I have complained to the owner/chef? Should I have left a dollar as a symbolic gesture of dissatisfaction (so she didn't think I was just absent-minded)?

I'm not sure. All I know is that I was dissatisfied with both the lack of service and the inability to explain myself in some way.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
For regular readers, you know that mid-week progress is always a little slower than weekend.

I've made it up to about 9 inches, and I'm starting to plan my arm hole shaping.

Thaddeus said that I misquoted him. He agreed that a full-sleeve sweater would be too busy and that a vest would be fine. Let the record reflect my error.

Weight Update
On May 6th, I stated that I wanted to get my weight below 180 within four weeks (I was 187 as the time).

This past weekend, despite not much effort, I was down to 185. I'm working a little harder on diet and exercise this week to try to get down to 182 by the end of the weekend.

I don't want to obsess on this, but I thought I'd give an update at least.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Thanks in part to some of my very generous readers, Sean has reached his goal of $1,200 in the AIDS walk of NY. Check out his blog to read about how he got to wear a tiara (or was that a crown) because he was one of the "over $1,000" contributors to the walk.

Congratulations Sean, and thanks to all who contributed. Anyone still wishing to contribute can feel free by clicking here.