Sunday, May 23, 2004

Eye For Color

I've always said that I have very little aptitude for good color design. Through practice, I think that's changing.

I'm going to a 20th anniversary party for friends tonight. It makes me kind of envious that they can have part of what I can't, even if it's just a in a legal sense.

That's beside the point.

Thaddeus and I were looking for a gift. The party is being done in a "Big Nights" theme (as in the Italian movie), so we were looking in one of our favorite Italian stores.

Both Thaddeus and I liked an imported, wooden salad bowl. The inside was natural wood with some hard finish, while the outside was stained with an apple-green stain that was darker or lighter based on the wood grain underneath. The color effect was quite beautiful.

The bowl isn't a color that would normally have appealed to my eye, but lately, I'm starting to notice non-conventional colors and color combinations in many different places. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
I've done approximately 14 inches on the vest, and the arm hole shaping will start at 15.5 inches.

A few of you have asked about the ribbing on this sweater, and since I've been trying to ready the graphics for the entire sweater, I figured I could publish just the ribbing first (click on the picture if you'd prefer a slightly clearer PDF file).

The ribbing is not your standard Alice Starmore two color ribbing. I use a K4, P2 ribbing instead, with color changes throughout.

I've also guessed at some of the colors I'm using based on an on-line color card for Jamieson Spindrift and Jamieson & Smith. You'll notice that the key has more colors than the ribbing. That's because I'll be using the full key as shown for the sweater design, and I didn't feel like making a separate one just for the ribbing.

If anyone would like to actually like to start gathering the yarn for this sweater, It appears that a men's large vest (approximately 51" chest and approximately 25.5" long) will take the following amounts of yarn:

3 Pine Forest
2 Navy
2 Jamieson & Smith #20
2 Chartreuse
2 Copper
2 Rye
2 Cornfield
1 Crimson
1 Oyster
1 Buttercup
1 Moorgrass