Friday, May 14, 2004

Directional Dyslexia

My sense of direction has always been awful, and I need an official condition on which to blame this life deficit.

Physical Coordination
I got an excellent e-mail from Linda yesterday, and it had me thinking about my childhood confusion with my right and left hands, and my overall ability to learn various physical activities.

She introduced me to the phrase, "directional dyslexia", which I liked a lot.

I am certainly challenged when it comes to having a sense about where I am. I honestly think my confusion about left and right hands was a combination of both dyslexic-like symptoms, as well as a physical coordination thing.

Activities which require some level of coordination take me a while to master, but once I do, I am good at them forever. Riding a bike is an obvious example, but for me it also took a very long time to master driving a manual transmission, landing a plane, and yes, knitting.

But all of those activities I can do with very little attention (except the plane landing one).

Another example was with two-handed knitting. Once the muscle memory was established, the task became second nature and even enjoyable.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
I've been able to make a little progress on my current design.

I've completed one one repeat each of both designs, and started again on the first one. Here's a close up of the pattern design (as requested by Aubergine).

And here's a closeup of the back of the work.

Two things about the reverse side. One, you'll note that I'm using significantly more of the dark colors in my design (as I've mentioned before). Secondly, the floats on the reverse will even out significantly once I've blocked the finished sweater.

Design Availability
I'd like to be able to make this design available for anyone who would like to try it, but I have a couple of issues.

1. I've used colors from Jamieson Spindrift, Shetland 2000 and Jamieson & Smith. Some of which aren't any longer available.
2. The number of stitches in the second pattern stitch doesn't divide evenly into the total body stitches, which makes it more complex to write up/knit.
3. The normal distribution of my designs I do through Simply Knit so they can sell the pattern as part of a kit with the yarn. They don't carry the Spindrift.

After I get the shaping and other information straightened out, I will offer the pattern in an "as-is" state for anyone who would want to try it. I'll probably end up putting it on my site as a PDF file.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Marilyn questions where is the brightness of FOTC, and also mentioned that I've told folks that Alice Starmore (oops!) used to do about a dozen swatches of a design before she'd select a specific colorway.

Yes, the famous Alice was a perfectionist, and alas, I am not. I call the sweater my official swatch. The brightness is mostly in the purple and bright yellow.

And as Gail mentioned, they are also the colors that are most reminiscent of the church. Flying doves indeed. last request of my readers.

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