Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Big Liar

When I don't know the answer to something without doing some research, I use the consulting motto, MSU, or "make shit up" (if you're one of my clients reading this, you can just ignore that last sentence).

Knitting Rounds on F'oTC
Aubergine asked a question yesterday about how long it takes me to knit a round on Fashion of The Christ, and I estimated it took me about 10 minutes, and wrote that answer with absolute authority.

Unfortunately, it is absolutely inaccurate. It takes me about 15 or 16 minutes to knit a two color round on F'oC. In fact, I have some single color rounds in the design, and even a single color round takes me about 11 minutes.

Sorry for the misinformation.

Fashion of The Christ Knitting
Speaking of Fashion of The Christ, I didn't get a lot done last night/this morning. I've finished the first repeat of the bottom design, and just started the more complex top design.

I'll wait until tomorrow to post a picture of my progress.

It's A Small World Wide Web
A while ago, my sister mentioned that I had a web site to my mother's hairdresser, Annette. Annette is one of the most wonderful woman I know, and she's been cutting my mother's hair every week for decades now.

So it didn't take long before my mother was told about the web site, and had access to my 100 Things list and other personal items I didn't initially intend for her to see.

Flash forward to a week or two ago, and Annette tells my mother this story. Annette sees a woman waiting to get her hair done, and the woman is knitting. Annette, being the shy and retiring type, starts chatting with the knitter-woman, and asks what she's knitting.

The woman is knitting a sock, and explains that she used to knit a while ago, and recently decided to start again because of a web site she had run across. When she mentioned it was my site, Annette was amazed (as am I) and told her how she knew me and my whole family.

So if you get your hair done at East Windsor Hairdressers in New Jersey, feel free to bring your knitting and make sure you say hi to Annette.

I didn't have a picture of anything relevant to post today, and I've already reached my quarterly quota of Gage pictures, so I thought I'd leave you with a picture of one of my favorite Springtime items at my house.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Marilyn notes that cars come in boring colors (like silver).

With some exceptions (such as the pumpkin color car that Kathy? describes), most car colors are terminally boring. But as with any colors, you need the solid, boring colors in any composition to make the snazzy colors pop out. I feel I'm doing my part by allowing the few snazzy colors to shine.

Emily asks for more information on the "Heresy"/"Fashion of The Christ" design.

For the sake of my regular readers, I won't go into the history of the design again, but just refer you back to the last month or two of my archives where the entire design, color composition process is described.

Emily's question also allows me to reprint on of my favorite Google tip.

If you add the domain name (e.g. queerjoe.com) at the end of a search term, it will usually only return values from that web site. So, for instance, if you typed:

heresy queerjoe.com

in the Google search box, it will give you any references to the word "heresy" on my site.