Saturday, April 24, 2004

Spring Cleaning

Unlike some fastidious queens, I am not someone that places a lot of emphasis on perfect cleanliness.

Yarn Re-Organization
Yesterday, Thaddeus and I were shopping at Lowes and Target, and we ended up finding something that looked like it would be helpful in organizing my yarn (which was scattered throughout the house in various storage areas...I guess it still is).

We bought three of them for the left side of our guest bedroom closet, and I was able to store quite a bit of my yarn in them.

I think we're going to buy four more of them so I can store the remainder of my yarn, and eliminate two old dresser drawers and a cedar chest.

We'll see how it works out.

Current Knitting
I finished the main part of the Rosemary's Baby blanket, and I have successfully taught myself to do an i-cord bindoff (thanks ChicKnits!!!).

Here's a closeup of the edge (not much to see).

As you can see, I've completed about half of the edging, and I'm hopeful to finish it all by tomorrow when I meet up with Kathy, Carol and Marilyn at the Shad Festival in Lambertville, NJ (yes, believe it or not, they actual celebrate the running of the most repulsive, oily fish known to man).

But it is Marilyn's birthday, so we didn't want to let some old fish festival dissuade us from meeting.

I'm looking forward to meeting Carol S.

Next Project
The Fair Isle is starting to seem like the most enticing design challenge for my next project.

I've started by designing the graphic, using only black and white (I'll take on the challenges of colors and shaping next). Here's what I'm thinking about doing.

Since it includes upside down crosses, I've already decided to name the new project, "Heresy".

Next step will be to use some of my old jumper weight Shetland to swatch up a sample. I'll probably use
a lot of the colors that I used for Donegal, just to get a sense about how the design knits up.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Jennie says: "I combed the archives for the type of yarn you're using. You mentioned Plum which is a Wool-Ease color but the balls and the yarn itself certainly don't appeat to be Wool-ease. What's the deal, man?"

The yarn is GGH Merino Soft (superwash, baby-weight merino). It's a completely different gauge than the Wool-Ease called for in the pattern, but theirs isn't a baby blanket.