Sunday, April 18, 2004

My Reply

Despite how pissed off I was when I got the offensive e-mail, my reply to the rude reader was much more tame than some of your comments.

Here's What I Said
My purpose in replying was to try to have the reader see that the request was rude by phrasing my reply in the same way the demand was made to me:

Thank you all for your sympathetic outrage and your very complimentary comments on my blog. Both were very much appreciated.

The Other Side of The Blog Reader Coin
Reader Rosemary from Colorado did an incredibly generous thing. She offered to make me a US4 circular needle that would be large enough to hold the entire baby blanket.

She described how she makes them here.

She went even further and made and sent me TWO circular needles.

One was long enough to use to knit the current blanket, and the other was long enough to display the blanket (for pictures...see below). The needles are made of smooth birch, they're perfectly sized US4's and I love them.

She also sent along a little gift from her cat Domino to Gage.

Packing them in a Rainbow motif was very much appreciated by me, and Gage is enjoying playing with them quite a bit as well.

Rosemary, thanks again for your very nice gifts.

Knitting Content
I'm halfway through the 14th round of color on Rosemary's Baby blanket.

Two more rounds of color after that, and I can finish this project up. Then all I have to do is decide what the hell to do with it.

Thaddeus has now decided it's looking more and more like the vortex from Evil Dead 2: