Friday, April 09, 2004

My Kingdom For a US4 Circular

And I would guess my "kingdom" is about worth that much.

Needle Scarcity
I have a MILLION needles it seems, and most of them are Addi turbo circulars.

But now that I'm starting to outgrow the double points on the baby blanket, do you think I'm able to find even one US4 circular? I have dozens of US5 and US6 needles, and I'm convinced when I was working on my last project, and needed US6 needles, I had the same problem.

Current Knitting
Anyway, your picture today looks like a lump of yarn, and will until I get my ass over to the yarn store to pick up a circular needle.

As you may or may not be able to see, I've finished just started the fifth square of 16 increasingly larger squares. As with many of my multi-color designs, I'm not overly thrilled with the colors so far, but I'm growing more and more confident that I'll like the overall composition when it's done.

It does help for me to plan out the entire color scheme before I start something like this.

M1's on Purl Rows
Thanks go out to both Heather and Sean on a great suggestion for doing a M1 increase on a purl row.

Both of them independently suggested that instead of picking up the horizontal yarn in between stitches and purling into that, that I purl into the stitch below where I want to have my increase.

Given the lack of fluidity in the standard M1 increase, this solution sounds like a great way of doing it. The next time I need to do M1 increases on a purl row, I will use this technique. I don't want to change in the middle of the project.

Charity Knitting Project
Here's are my thoughts on the MANNA project.

1. First and foremost I want an end-product that is FABULOUS
2. I want a project that will allow for multiple knitters to work on it.
3. The yarn used for the project should be of fine quality

I'd like to suggest an idea, and elicit any comments before committing to it.

First, the project I think would be perfect would be Carol Lapin's "Kaleidoscope"

Second, this project is done in 12 strips, and then each strip is joined with a 3-needle bind off.

Finally, I'd suggest using a different yarn than the pattern calls for. There is an amazing Manos-like yarn called Auracania that would be perfect for this project.

Auracania Shade Card

Threadbear Fiber Arts and Simply Knit both carry this yarn, so it should be relatively easy to get, at good prices.

I'm thinking that I'd call for volunteers to do one of three things:

1. Contribute towards the purchase of the yarn.
2. Knit at least one strip of the garments.
3. Help piece together the finished garments.

Depending on how many volunteers were willing to participate, we'll make as many of these garments as we can. All but one will be donated to MANNA or any other HIV/AIDS-related organization that could use it for their auctions, and the final one will be used as a raffle for one lucky volunteer.

Tawk amongst yerselves.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Jane asks for the pattern for the baby leggings I made for Jani's daughter, Marina.

This pattern has never been proofread or test knitted, so I caution there may be errors. I don't usually like to put my name on something that may have lots of errors, but if you want to use it with that caution in mind, here it is.

Baby Leggings

It also doesn't have the color sequence I used (which I don't know anymore). I used 5 or 6 different colors of GGH Merino Soft 4 ply.