Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lover, Partner, Friend - Thaddeus

Just thought I'd take a moment to brag.

Birthday Comment
Many of you mentioned the comment that Thaddeus left on my birthday.

He's never commented before, so his comment on my birthday was even more special.

Thaddeus is quite an amazing man. In addition to being very handsome (as many have mentioned previously), he is also very smart, insightful and most importantly, thoughtful. His acts of thoughtful kindness always surprise me, even when they're done for someone else.

Morehouse Merino Raglan
Thaddeus did something else very thoughtful last week.

After bugging him for a picture of him in a sweater that he was convinced would be unflattering on him, he went to the trouble of setting up the tripod, and taking a few pictures of himself in the sweater so that I could get them posted last week.

When I thanked him for sending them, he replied that he was just trying to make me smile. He did in fact make me smile and also a little teary.

The lighting wasn't so great on the pictures he took, so I opted to take different ones this past weekend. Here's my favorite (although most of them were very similar).

Click here to view a PDF file of all five pictures.

Next Project
Thanks for everyone's participation in the informal survey.

It seems that most folks agree that the Lion Brand afghan would be the best option.

To clarify, I would only use my own yarn for that project. It will be done in baby weight, superwash
merino from Lana Grossa. I started swatching the new baby blanket last night, but I messed up some of the increases on the purl rows. I need to rip it out.

I also need to re-think the color scheme a little. I'm not sure I can trust that adding new colors as I go along will result in a successful color design.

I really liked Joan's box and wave pattern, but I agree with most of the folks that the wrong side floats wouldn't be right for a baby blanket.

Readers' Comments/Questions
CarolS. asks what's ear candling.

Audrey describes it pretty succinctly in her comments (thanks Audrey). A Google search will also bring up a lot of information on the topic. I've done it a number of times, and enjoy the experience, despite how odd it sounds.

Crystal and Robert ask where they can get the pattern for the Lion Brand afghan.

I don't actually have a pattern. A friend bought the kit for the afghan (I think that's the only way to get the actual pattern, but I don't know). The concept is pretty simple. It's basically just a simple square pattern done in the round from the center, out.

There's only two differences. First, you increase one four stitches every round. Second, each color stripe has rounds of purl stitches and rounds of knit stitches.

It wasn't hard to figure out last night when I swatched it.

Lisa asks if I got my birthday spanking.

I'm assuming that's what the spanking was for.

Marilyn's comments about the baby blanket options have me questioning which direction to go.

I may just opt to make another baby Fiesta-Wear sweater for the new baby. I figure even if I make the LB afghan, I can always make matching clothes.