Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter

Knitting Soars on Two Circulars

Between double points and two circulars, I'll take the two circulars any day.

Progressing Nicely
I made it to the yarn store and the longest US4 circulars they had was 24 inches. I got two of them, and the work is progressing much faster than when I was on five double points.

Even stretched out over almost the entire 48 inches of circular needle, the blanket is still somewhat scrunched for the picture.

I'm on the 8th of 16 rows.

I'd love to say that means I'm half way through, but really it means I'm only about one third of the way through. But fortunately, I'm enjoying the knitting. It's interesting, and the mini-successes of making it to the next color keeps me knitting.

Charity Knitting Project
Thanks everyone for your comments and eagerness to work on the MANNA charity project.

The famous Kim Salazar (of WiseNeedle fame) has questioned if the Araucania will work at the same gauge as the Merino Big called for in the Kaleidoscope design.

I think Carol, the designer, designed a similar garment using Araucania. I'm not sure about that, and I may need to wait until she returns from Germany to ask her.

Knitter's Magazine Review
First of all, I have to say that Spring/Summer issues of knitting magazines are my least favorites. Men don't do sweaters in the Spring and Summer (or rarely, at least) and I hate working in cotton

That being said, I have to say, this is probably the best issue of Knitter's I've seen since Rick Mondragon took over as editor. There are about twenty designs in this issue, and I like five of them very much. There are four I dislike.

I like the cover design a lot. It makes excellent use of a colorful combination of yarns and the shaping is simple and good. I'm also quite fond of the Dress White design by the editor himself. I wouldn't ever make it for fear of dying of boredom, but I like it.

There's another simple white jacket done in a loos honeycomb stitch that is simple and attractive. Colleen Smitherman also has a simple eyelet/cable-like shell that is elegant.

Kay Dahlquist has a refined cardigan done in a nice Chambray Diamonds pattern that looks interested to make and ends up in an overall nice design.

There are a few designs I think are just plain bad. There's a bright "coral" tent that even the model seems to be pouting about having to wear in the Miami Beach heat, and a pullover tank done in offset panels that offends my eye.

Caramel Cables is done in doubled Mission Falls 1824 Cotton and has cables. Can you say "heavy"? And the last of the "bads" is a simple tweed shell with metal grommets.

The remaining ten or eleven designs are either items I didn't care either way about, or, like the poncho and the summer hats, are okay, but not my taste in garments.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Kathy notes (and Lisa concurs) that I should change the color scheme on the charity knitting project.

Depending on how many knitters volunteer, and how many sweaters we end up doing, we can have multiple colorways. I'd be glad to take on the design of an alternate colorway on at least one of the sweaters. I'm also realizing that I may need to get Unicorn's approval to knit/donate this design. I may possibly have to design a completely different sweater.