Thursday, April 15, 2004

The "F" Word

I am very open to others' opinions, even if they are presented in an insulting way. I am not open to anyone telling me how to be, or how to write my blog.

The Wrong Approach
I had a good day today.

My taxes got into the mail on time.

Work went fine and all-in-all, nothing about today sucked too much.

Then I come home to this:

How Could This Have Been Done Better
If you have a problem with my language or anything else on my blog, here are some suggested solutions:

1. Go away and don't feel it's necessary to tell me why.
2. Let me know your opinion and possibly tell me why you feel the way you do.
3. Insult me on your own blog.

If you try to tell me how I or my blog should be, I will not have pleasant words for you.

I'd be interested to hear how others might have responded to this reader.

Blog Snobbery
A few months ago, someone on the Knit Flame list mentioned that she didn't read my blog, because she thought I was a blog snob.

I liked the term and wrote into the Knit Flame list to confirm that, in fact, I am a blog snob.

I like well-written blogs that inspire me or teach me or make me laugh or contribute to knitting as a craft.

I don't like what I consider to be boring blogs. I think that blogging is already self-indulgent activity, and risks being incredibly tedious as a result. Unless a blogger has something interesting to read or look at, I won't even consider reading.

The Newcomer Rules I posted originally last year, caused a big brouhaha. But it made some of my blog readers assess whether my blog and the associated comments were a place where they belonged.

I think it might be time for some to re-assess.

I'm almost completed with the current color square on the Rosemary's Baby Blanket. I'm up to over 400 stitches on each round, so it's taking longer and longer.

I'll post a picture in my next entry.